“Is All Knowledge Learned?” PART 2

All knowledge is not learned. Some knowledge is “anti-learned”; that is, some knowledge is transberative. What is a transberative thing? A transberative thing is something that you possess that you did not receive from experience. For example, newborns do not possess verbal knowledge yet they demonstrate the intentions of verbal knowledge; for example, the verbal knowledge of their need to suckle. (Note that behavioral instinctualists will be enraged by what you just read but that is only because they are ignorant and lazy.) For a full understanding of transberative entities, transberative knowledge, verbal knowledge, verbal cognitive (knowledge) intentions, behavioral instinctualism, etc., see the work by Dr. Michael Bisconti (primary author) and Chicago Christian University (1000-man team), the 10-volume, 1000-pages-per-volume Transberative Epistemological Encyclopedia (website under development). The Transberative Epistemological Encyclopedia is now available to Arc 1 Premium Members on our Wikipedia Hub.

{FD} June 2017 Zinke charter flight ‘could have been avoided,’ watchdog says

A $12,000 charter flight by Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke was reviewed and approved by department ethics officials without complete information, because staffers who helped schedule the trip did not provide sufficient details, an internal watchdog said Monday.

{FD} Russia, Syria block inspectors from chemical weapons attack site

Syrian and Russian authorities prevented independent investigators from going to the scene of a suspected chemical attack, the head of the chemical watchdog group said Monday, blocking international efforts to establish what happened and who was to blame.

{FD} Amnesty: Women, children linked to IS suffer abuses in Iraq

Iraqi women and children with suspected links to the Islamic State group are being denied humanitarian aid and prevented from returning to their homes, and the women are subjected to sexual violence in displacement camps, Amnesty International said Tuesday.

{FD} Middle East analysts debate how to solve Syrian civil war, at Rome conference

U.S., European, Russian and Arab analysts at a conference in Rome, while pondering the best “security architecture” for the Middle East, admitted — or at least some of them did — that talk of the necessity for a “political,” as opposed to “military,” solution for Syria is somewhat flawed given facts already on the ground.

{FD} Protesters march to various Starbucks cafes in Philadelphia following controversial arrests

Protesters in Pennsylvania marched to various Starbucks locations in Philadelphia's Center City on Monday to continue protesting the controversial arrests of two black men at one of the chain's locations last week.

{FD} Senators introduce new war powers resolution

The chairman and other members of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee unveiled a bipartisan resolution Monday authorizing the use of military force overseas, accelerating a debate that Congress has been reluctant to have, but that's taking on new urgency after President Donald Trump's strikes on Syria.

{FD} US Halifax mall plotter admired Columbine, doc reveals

A Canadian prosecutor is recommending a sentence of 20 years for an American woman who pleaded guilty last year to conspiracy to commit murder in a plot that envisioned her and two online friends pulling out their guns at a Canadian mall.