Vital Message To Patriots

Fellow Patriots,

Whether or not Chris Christie is our candidate in 2016, it is vital that we post the “Who Would Be Worse?” image (graphic) that appears toward the top of our website on 10 million websites this year. This will both help Governor Christie, an honorable man, and help to crush Hillary Clinton’s efforts to win the presidency, where she would continue the miserably failed policies of the Democratic Party.

PS: Use our American Political Intelligence think tank to help win both the 2014 state elections and the 2016 presidential election.

PSS: The Democratic Party does not play fair. I should know, I live in Chicago. Also, on a personal note, they wouldn’t let me vote many years ago when I turned 18.


Dr. Michael Bisconti

Why Oppose The Gay-Perverts?

Why oppose the Gay-perverts?  Principally, because of the harm they have done and our doing to our children.
Note that, in terms of winning elections, they should be low on our list of priorities.

The Republican Party

We, the Power Coalition, are not counting on the Republican Party to win the 2014 and 2016 elections.

We, the Power Coalition, under God, are going to get it done ourselves!