The Two Biggest Reasons Atheists Are Stupid Morons

Here are the two biggest reasons atheists are stupid morons:

  1. No one can ever examine every inch of the universe to see if God is absent everywhere.

  2. The existence of a thing is irrelevant (doesn’t matter), in itself. For example, let us say that you have been poisoned and you need an antidote for the poison and the antidote exists on a table in front of you. The existence of the poison doesn’t matter, in itself. What matters is, once you take the antidote, what the antidote does for you. Of course, the result of the curative action of the antidote also proves the existence of the antidote.

  3. So, whether God exists or not is irrelevant (doesn’t matter), in itself. What matters is what God does for you. Of course, the result of what God does for you also proves the existence of God.

Why Atheists Are Stupid Morons

Atheists are stupid morons because atheism is irrelevant (would not matter if it were true). Let us explain:

If God did not exist, scientists tell us that the universe would still function as if God existed.

In other words, even if atheists were right, it wouldn’t matter; therefore, their ranting and raving about the nonexistence of God would still be pointless. People who do pointless things are stupid morons. See American Theists for more information.

{NX} Muslims Are Atheists

You will be surprised to know that Muslims are atheists. Atheists do not believe in God. Muslims do not believe in God. Therefore, Muslims are atheists. Now, you will ask, "But isn’t Allah supposed to be God?" That is what Muslim propagandists want you to believe.

God does not hate. Allah hates. Therefore, Allah is not God. God does not torture. Allah tortures. Therefore, Allah is not God. God does not murder. Allah murders. Therefore, Allah is not God.

Finally, don’t fall for the lie promoted by Muslims when they say, "But the Koran teaches that Allah is God." The main reason this is a lie is that the teachings of a religion are the lives of its followers, not the words of its book. Also, we provide a deep, technical analysis of the schizophrenic and evil teachings of the Koran elsewhere on our website.

Original article: {NX} Muslims Are Atheists

©2014 The L. F. Nexus Historical Research Center: 11g. All Rights Reserved.

Original article: {NX} Muslims Are Atheists

©2014 The L. F. Nexus Historical Research Center: 11g. All Rights Reserved.

Why Atheists Are A Threat

Atheists are a threat for a number of reasons. One reason is that they oppose freedom of speech.

Why Atheists Are Better Than Muslims

First, of course, we oppose atheists and everything they stand for. However, atheists are better than Muslims. The reason they are better than Muslims is that they haven’t been taught from the cradle that a god wants them to kill everyone who is not an atheist.

One More Reason To Hate The Democratic Party: Forced Mental Health Care

The Democratic Party has plans to force everyone to submit to their idea (atheistic and sexually perverted) of mental health care. The day they try that there will be blood in the streets and it won’t be our blood.

Freedom before peace!

Can Atheists And Gay-Perverts Join SMACK (The Sane Majority)?

Can atheists and Gay-perverts join SMACK (the Sane Majority)?

As long as the individuals are seeking to escape their thinking and lifestyles, yes, but such people aren’t really atheists and Gay-perverts, respectively, any longer.

Anti Atheist Website

Visit our anti atheist website American Theists. It is our belief that you can be an American citizen (a legal resident of America) and be an atheist but that being an American citizen does not make you an American (a person who believes in America).

Report From Agent J, One Of Our Spies At The APA

Agent J, one of our spies at the APA (American Psychiatric Association), reported the following today:

As of today, Monday, February 24, 2014, the APA employs:

  • 23 pedophiles (child rapists [7 with convictions and prison time])
  • 17 rapists (adult rapists)
  • 29 atheists
  • 43 Gay-perverts

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