US Jihadists On Rise Under Obama And Democrats

There are ten times more jihadist bases and camps in the United States since the Democrats took over the Whitehouse and Obama became president.

Camps are groups of 10 to 20 jihadists. Bases are groups of 50 to 100 jihadists.

If Obama and the federal government don’t shut down these camps and bases soon, the CJA, the Counter Jihad Army, will do it for them.

Muslims In Homeland Security. Is The Democratic Party Nuts?

Is the Democratic Party nuts? Why did they place Muslims in sensitive positions in Homeland Security?

Why Environmentalists Are Stupid Morons

First, environmentalists have a good goal, a clean environment; that is, clean air, clean water, uncontaminated food, etc., etc. However, when it comes to how to achieve that goal they are stupid morons.

You see, environmentalists have tunnel vision; that is, they look at the environment and nothing else. The changes they are implementing have consequences, many of them negative. For example, they make coal companies cut back on carbon emissions. Now, that is certainly good for the environment. However, the coal companies are forced to fire people and stop hiring people. In addition, the cost of electricity goes up.

In other words, the environmentalists look at the environment but not at the totality of the lives of the human beings who inhabit that environment. The environmentalists do not have a holistic (big picture) view of things. They do not seek the best future, which includes everything that is best for everyone, but, rather, they seek the best environment, which excludes everything that is best for everyone.

Environmentalists are like a little boy frantically looking for a lost marble while the rest of his marbles fall out of his pocket.

Environmentalists need to start looking at and weighing the impact of their decisions on every part of the lives of people. For example, let’s slow down carbon emission changes so that no one gets fired, people continue to get hired, and the cost of electricity does not go up.

Finally, if you want to change things, remember, it is the Democratic Party and President Obama who are forcing through the decisions of the environmentalists. Vote the Democratic Party out of office this year, 2014, and in 2016.

One More Reason To Hate The Democratic Party: Forced Mental Health Care

The Democratic Party has plans to force everyone to submit to their idea (atheistic and sexually perverted) of mental health care. The day they try that there will be blood in the streets and it won’t be our blood.

Freedom before peace!

Why The Democrats Are Mentally Ill

The Democrats are mentally ill because they believe:

There will be no consequences to spending money we can’t pay back.

What About A Woman President?

What about a woman president? The question is irrelevant. However, since the woman would be a Democrat, you must ask yourself, “Do you want a woman president or do you want your children to have food to eat?”

What About A Third Party?

What about a third party? A third party would only be viable if we could get more than one-third of Republicans and more than one-half of Democrats to defect.

Democratic Party “Secret”

When Obama was running for his first term, I was in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  The Democrats bussed in scores of teenagers from the south side of Chicago to knock on doors.  To win, we need:

Feet on the ground.

Proxies Dropped…Power Coalition Membership

The Power Coalition counts among its members Independents, Democrats, Republicans, Tea Party groups, Blacks, Hispanics, Proxies (Proxies Dropped) (see The Power Coalition & Gay-Perverts), other influential groups, and all noninfluential groups, the “little guys” of America.  Our membership is more diverse than that of either of the major political parties.  We represent all of America.

Democratic Party Insanity

Ask Obama, Hillary, or any other Democrat how we will pay off the National Debt and avoid a second, even worse Great Depression and they will answer:

The Democratic Party just has a feeling in its gut that everything will be alright.