US Jihadists On Rise Under Obama And Democrats

There are ten times more jihadist bases and camps in the United States since the Democrats took over the Whitehouse and Obama became president.

Camps are groups of 10 to 20 jihadists. Bases are groups of 50 to 100 jihadists.

If Obama and the federal government don’t shut down these camps and bases soon, the CJA, the Counter Jihad Army, will do it for them.

Why Democrats Are A Greater Threat Than Muslims

Democrats, from President Obama on down, are making military and political decisions relating to Muslims that are increasing Muslim power both in America and in other countries. This power expansion is something that Muslims could not achieve on their own. In Iraq, territories for which Americans shed blood, were crippled, and died are being retaken by terrorist Muslims.

Crush Muslim-Only Zones And Muslim Military Training Camps!

Unless you want Muslims to amputate the limbs of your children and grandchildren under Sharia law and unless you want the faces of your daughters and granddaughters to be disfigured with acid under Sharia law:

Crush Muslim-only zones and Muslim military training camps in free countries everywhere and deport supporters of these zones and camps.

In the United States:

Muslim military training camps violate the Constitution, unlike pro American militia training camps.

In the United States:

We have been told that if the government does not shut down the Muslim military training camps soon, MASS, the anti militant Muslim organization, will shut them down FOR the government.


Critical note:

In America, liberals, including liberal college professors and most of the Democratic party, have fallen under the spell of Muslim seducers and are accepting financial contributions from them. FIRE THE PROFESSORS! VOTE THE DEMOCRATS OUT OF OFFICE!

Why Environmentalists Are Stupid Morons

First, environmentalists have a good goal, a clean environment; that is, clean air, clean water, uncontaminated food, etc., etc. However, when it comes to how to achieve that goal they are stupid morons.

You see, environmentalists have tunnel vision; that is, they look at the environment and nothing else. The changes they are implementing have consequences, many of them negative. For example, they make coal companies cut back on carbon emissions. Now, that is certainly good for the environment. However, the coal companies are forced to fire people and stop hiring people. In addition, the cost of electricity goes up.

In other words, the environmentalists look at the environment but not at the totality of the lives of the human beings who inhabit that environment. The environmentalists do not have a holistic (big picture) view of things. They do not seek the best future, which includes everything that is best for everyone, but, rather, they seek the best environment, which excludes everything that is best for everyone.

Environmentalists are like a little boy frantically looking for a lost marble while the rest of his marbles fall out of his pocket.

Environmentalists need to start looking at and weighing the impact of their decisions on every part of the lives of people. For example, let’s slow down carbon emission changes so that no one gets fired, people continue to get hired, and the cost of electricity does not go up.

Finally, if you want to change things, remember, it is the Democratic Party and President Obama who are forcing through the decisions of the environmentalists. Vote the Democratic Party out of office this year, 2014, and in 2016.

Platform: Presidential Election 2016

We have updated our formal platform for the 2016 presidential election. You will find our platform at Formal Platform on our American Political Intelligence website. For your convenience, we have included the platform below. More information will be found via the links above.

American Political Intelligence Platform

  • Destroy ISIS in six weeks
  • Balanced Budget Amendment
  • Energy Independence
  • Repeal Obamacare but preexisting conditions must be kept and existing insured must not lose the insurance
  • Health Savings Accounts
  • School Choice
  • Secure The Border
  • Drop ten million federal regulations.
  • Fire two million federal workers.
  • Shut down one hundred federal agencies.
  • Simplify the tax code.
  • Deport Activist/Criminal Muslims
  • Pro Tea Party Candidates (First Choice)
  • Pro Republican Candidates (Second Choice)

How To Tell If Your College Professor Or University Professor Is A Stupid Moron

There are several tests to tell whether your college professor or university professor is a stupid moron. Today, we will talk about just one.

If your college professor or university professor presents only one viewpoint on any subject, they are a stupid moron.

Now, one area in which stupid moron professors most frequently present only one viewpoint is politics. Also, universally, as far as we have been able to determine, it is liberal, Democrat professors who are guilty of this vile practice.

This practice is so vile that these professors deserve (please, don’t anyone actually do this)…so vile that these professors deserve a bullet in the head.

Proxies Dropped…Power Coalition Membership

The Power Coalition counts among its members Independents, Democrats, Republicans, Tea Party groups, Blacks, Hispanics, Proxies (Proxies Dropped) (see The Power Coalition & Gay-Perverts), other influential groups, and all noninfluential groups, the “little guys” of America.  Our membership is more diverse than that of either of the major political parties.  We represent all of America.

The National Debt

I have been concerned about and fighting against the National Debt since 1961 when I was only twelve years old and the National Debt was less than 1/3 trillion dollars.  Today it is more than 62 times that:

18+ Trillion

So, what has our moronic federal government been doing for over 50 years?

More important, why have the American people let them do it?

Wake up America!  Eventually, if the debt keeps growing, everyone will lose all of their money.  Food, clothing, everything will be rationed!  Good-bye McDonalds!
Good-bye Internet!  Good-bye cell phones!
And that’s just on the first day!