Vital Message To Patriots

Fellow Patriots,

Whether or not Chris Christie is our candidate in 2016, it is vital that we post the “Who Would Be Worse?” image (graphic) that appears toward the top of our website on 10 million websites this year. This will both help Governor Christie, an honorable man, and help to crush Hillary Clinton’s efforts to win the presidency, where she would continue the miserably failed policies of the Democratic Party.

PS: Use our American Political Intelligence think tank to help win both the 2014 state elections and the 2016 presidential election.

PSS: The Democratic Party does not play fair. I should know, I live in Chicago. Also, on a personal note, they wouldn’t let me vote many years ago when I turned 18.


Dr. Michael Bisconti

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Who Would Be Worse?

Christie Versus Hillary

You now have three options:

  1. Post this image on websites by saving then uploading it.
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  3. Post this image on websites, using the code below:
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Democratic Party Insanity

Ask Obama, Hillary, or any other Democrat how we will pay off the National Debt and avoid a second, even worse Great Depression and they will answer:

The Democratic Party just has a feeling in its gut that everything will be alright.

The National Debt

I have been concerned about and fighting against the National Debt since 1961 when I was only twelve years old and the National Debt was less than 1/3 trillion dollars.  Today it is more than 62 times that:

18+ Trillion

So, what has our moronic federal government been doing for over 50 years?

More important, why have the American people let them do it?

Wake up America!  Eventually, if the debt keeps growing, everyone will lose all of their money.  Food, clothing, everything will be rationed!  Good-bye McDonalds!
Good-bye Internet!  Good-bye cell phones!
And that’s just on the first day!

Is Health Care A Good Idea?

Is health care a good idea?  Yes, but Obama, Hillary, and their Democratic Party have thought of the most stupid, moronic way of implementing (doing) it – Obamacare.

Obamacare Kills More Health Insurance: Latest Numbers: 18+ Million

As of today, 7 million health insurance policies have been cancelled.  Each policy covers one household.  There are an average of, at least, 2.61 people per household.  This means:

18+ Million Lost Coverage

Christie Versus Hillary

Hillary Clinton           Chris Christie

If Christie were responsible for the bridge traffic, who would be worse? Christie, who allowed some traffic to be killed, or Hillary, who allowed her people to be killed.

Poor Little Hillary

Hillary ClintonSome of the major news media, including CBS, NBC, and ABC, have reported that Hillary has said (paraphrased):

I don’t want Christie to bully me.

To that we say:

You poor, little thing…if you can’t stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen.

Hillary Clinton’s First Love

Hillary ClintonHillary Clinton loves her Democratic Party more than she loves the American people if she loves the American people at all.  Not once has she gone against “the party line” in favor of the American people.

Hillary Clinton Is Another Obama

Hillary ClintonHillary Clinton is another Barack Obama.  She divides the nation, setting one American against another American, for political gain.

Does Hillary Clinton Pass The Stupidity Test?

Hillary Clinton


Pass or Fail

Makes decisions that help all of the people.


Hires American workers.


Does not allow foreign companies to sell goods in the U.S. when their countries won’t allow us to sell goods in those countries.


Does not allow foreign companies to sell more goods in the U.S. than their countries allow us to sell in those countries.


Does not allow foreign companies to build our weapons of war.


Fights to maintain U.S. manufacturing jobs.


Fights to increase the number of U.S. manufacturing jobs.


Balances the government’s budget (makes sure the government can’t spend more money than it has).


Seeks to eliminate the national debt.


Maintains the fund needed to pay social security benefits.