Why American Mosques Must Be Torn Down

There are many reasons why American mosques must be torn down. Here is one:

Our “Nationwide Mosque Survey” reveals that 63% of American Muslim men believe in female genital mutilation. For the doubters, below is a picture of a young teenage girl undergoing genital mutilation (without anesthesia) in a New York City mosque (updates below picture):


Once the word got out about the female genital mutilations in the New York City mosque, the CJA, the Counter Jihad Army, sent a small team who promptly burned the mosque to the ground. Then, three of the men involved in the mutilations were identified and executed with a single bullet to the head.


There were five men involved in all. The other two were found a couple of hours later and executed as well.

Nexus Turns Down One Million Dollars

Today, the Nexus (The L. F. Nexus Think Tanks, which includes The L. F. Nexus Historical Research Center: 11g) was offered one million dollars ($1,000,000) if it would soften its stance on Islam. Well, first, we won’t be bought. Second, as a result of this offer, we our now devoting more resources to crushing Islam in America. Visit our anti Islamic think tank Islam Out.

Islam Is Not Protected By The First Amendment

Islam is not protected by the First Amendment. The reason that it is not protected by the First Amendment is that Islam is not a religion. Historical research reveals that the founding fathers defined religion as:

A system of worship of God that does not persecute people of other religions.

One of the main teachings of Islam is:

The persecution of people of other religions.


Islam is not a religion.


Islam is not protected by the First Amendment.

Islam, The Nanny State Religion

Islam is the nanny state religion because the whole philosophy is based on the idea that someone else is responsible for one’s own sins and failings.

For example, the sight of a woman’s body, clothed or not, causes a Muslim to begin to lose control; therefore, she is responsible for the threat of his loss of self-control. (Muslims regard even the threat of the loss of their self-control as a moral failing.)

Another example is when non-Muslims communicate ideas that cause Muslims to begin to lose control. Again, someone else, the non-Muslim, is responsible for the threat of the loss of their self-control.

Thus, we see that Muslims are simply people who have never grown up.

Our Overriding Position On Islam

The true definition of any religion is not the teachings of that religion but the lives and works of the majority of those who profess to be practitioners of its teachings. Unfortunately, in the case of Islam, instead of a majority, there is an ambiguous mishmash of the good and the evil. Therefore, to be safe, we must assume that the majority is a threat.

Muslims Spreading Fake Korans

In America and all English-speaking countries around the world, the Muslims have been distributing fake Korans for the past ten years. These fake Korans have the hatred and violence removed, while the Muslims in their mosques and in their homes continue to use the real Koran, which is filled with hatred, violence, murder, and death.

Why are the Muslims giving out these fake Korans? Simply, to make Americans and other English-speaking peoples think that Islam is a gentle and peaceful religion. Well, the 40 million people they murdered last year disproves that.

You can download a copy of a fake Koran here. This particular fake Koran is quite ingenious (clever). They have retained some of the hatred, violence, murder, and death so that it is not obvious what they are trying to do.

Islam: Muhammad’s Use Of Torture

Muhammad used torture. Here are a couple of documented quotes from http://www.thereligionofpeace.com/Quran/029-torture.htm:

Quote 1

Muslim (16:4131) – They were caught and brought to him (the Holy Prophet). He commanded about them, and (thus) their hands and feet were cut off and their eyes were gouged and then they were thrown in the sun, until they died. Muhammad had two killers put to death, not in the way of “an eye-for-an-eye,” but in a more agonizing manner.

Quote 2

Torture is also allowed when putting people to death. Rather than prescribing quick execution of captives, there were times in which Muhammad ordered his men to make a victim’s death as slow and agonizing as possible. In one case, Muhammad’s men literally pulled apart the body of an elderly woman named Umm Qirfa by tying her limbs to camels then sent in opposite directions (Ibn Ishaq 980).

Islam Is Not Rocket Science

Islam is not rocket science. It is simply the living out of the Koran, a collection of couplets. A couplet is a pair of ideas that contradict each other.

In other words, the Koran is a mixture of two lists of commandments. One list of commandments says, “Do these things.” The other list of commandments contradicts the first list and says, “Do the opposite of the things I just told you to do.”

Now why would Muhammad teach contradictory commandments? Very simply, his followers had to remain little children waiting for father Muhammad to tell them which commandment of any couplet (pair of contradictory commandments) to obey at any given time.

So, to this day, Muslims remain little children dependent on the Imams and other Islamic leaders to know which commandments to obey.

We note that this is totally unlike Christianity that says, “Here are the uncontradictory commandments and what we haven’t told you figure out for yourself as freethinking adults.”

Islam, The Religion From Hell

Why is Islam the religion from hell? There are many reasons but we will mention one for now:

All of the religions of the world, other than Islam, together have killed throughout history about 73 million (73,000,000) people.

Islam, by itself, has killed about 1.8 billion (1,800,000,000) people.

In other words:

Islam has killed about 25 times more people in forcing religion on others than other religions in defending themselves against attacks.

Footnote: We note that, technically, the self-defense of religions other than Islam holds true 99.7% of the time. The remaining 0.3% is accounted for by things like the Spanish Inquisition.

Why Muslims Are Savages

First, we exclude the women and children from this subject. They are, essentially, innocent victims of male Muslims. Therefore, our article could really be titled “Why Male Muslims Are Savages.”

At any rate, Muslims are savages because:

1. Muslims have no faith in their god, Allah.

2. Muslims have no familial (family) relationship with their god, Allah.

3. Muslims cling to the idea that Allah is their slavemaster.

4. The lives of Muslims center on following the slave rules of their god, Allah.

5. The slave rules of their god, Allah, include torturing and murdering people; especially, those weaker than themselves; especially, women and children.


As long as Muslims respect American law and tradition, seek no preferential treatment, and live with us in peace, they will be allowed in America. However, they must publicly sign the Declaration of Severance and agree, in writing, to use the Modern Koran, which removes all encouragements to jihad, hatred, violence, and mass murder. Note that the text of the Koran is not changed in the Modern Koran but explanatory notes have been added explaining that the time of the holy wars has past according to the new prophets of Islam. If Muslims don’t do these things, they will not be allowed to enter the U.S. or, if a citizen, they will be deported. In addition, we have been told that the anti Muslim organization MASS, the Muslim Assassination Squad, will be monitoring them and keeping an eye on them in case they get out of line. We are not Europe. Muslims will not do here what they are doing there. Also, less than 1% of our population may ever be Muslim. This rule will be enforced one way or another by some means. Finally, other restrictions will be put in place, as well.

Muslim Atrocities

“Susie,” the woman in the photo below, is one of over ten million women, of all races and nationalities, burned with acid by “nonviolent,” “nonextremist,” “nonradical” Muslims in the last five years everywhere in the world in every country on earth. So, you will understand why we “feel a little uncomfortable” around Muslims and oppose their religion, Islam, which permits this.

“Susie,” 18, was burned on her face (her left eye dissolved) when a man whom she rejected for marriage poured acid on her. She has undergone plastic surgery 50 times.

This is one of the “mildest” photographs in our
Muslim Atrocities Photo Archives.


Photo courtesy of private contributor.

Islam, Not Just Radical Islam, Is A Threat To America

Islam, not just radical Islam, is a threat to America and, indeed, to the entire world. The reason this is so is that, at worst, Islam is a murderous religion and, at best, an ambiguous (uncertain) religion.

In its murderous form, millions of people have been tortured and murdered. In its ambiguous form, millions of Muslims have stood by and watched as their fellow citizens were tortured and murdered.

For more information, read We Explain Islam (The Religion Of Muslims).

We Explain Islam (The Religion Of Muslims)

Islam is not really a religion. Islam is a religious philosophy.

Islam is nothing more than a collection of firmly held ideas. Islam does not involve faith in God. Muslims do not trust God. Muslims have no familial (family) relationship with God.

Now, it is actually worse than that.

Muslims do not even think of having faith in God or of having a familial relationship with God.

To Muslims:

God is a master and they are his slaves.

Everything else in Islam is based on this master-slave ideology (firmly held idea). The “everything else” consists of:

Firmly held ideas of slave rules provided by God the Slavemaster.

Now, the slave rules fall into 3 categories:

  1. Sane, normal moral rules (like living a sexually pure life).
  2. Unnecessary, harmless ritual rules (like feet washing before bowing to their Slavemaster God in submission).
  3. Insane, abnormal, bloodthirsty rules (like murdering for a variety of “reasons”).

Thus, we see that:

Islam is a mix of agreeable good and horrifying evil.

As such:

Islam should be shunned (actively avoided) and opposed.

What Islam And Mormonism Have In Common

What do Islam and Mormonism have in common? They both teach that God provided written texts outside of the Bible. This, of course, is utter nonsense!

Both the Koran and the Book of Mormon are filled with scientific, historical, medical, psychological, anthropological, sociological, aechaeological, and other inaccuracies and fallacies (see The Christian’s Bible Versus The Muslim’s Koran). Worse than that, they:

Contradict the Bible and, most horrendously, deny the deity of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Both the Koran and the Book of Mormon were born in the pits of hell!

De We Hate Islam?

De We Hate Islam? First, we do not hate Muslims. Now, do we hate Islam, the religion of Muslims? Yes. Why? For many reasons. Two of the biggest reasons are its teachings, which are the teachings of their holy book, the Koran, that children may be abused and women may be abused.

The Christian’s Bible Versus The Muslim’s Koran

The following table explains some of the key reasons why the Bible is infinitely superior to the Muslim’s Koran. In fact, the Koran is nothing compared to the Bible. In spite of all of this, we should, as the Bible teaches, continue to be appropriately respectful toward all people, regardless of their religion or their lack of any religion.

The Infinite Superiority Of The Bible
Over The Muslim’s Koran




No historical inacccuracies.

2,139 historical inaccuracies.


No scientific inaccuracies.

3,992 scientific inaccuracies.


No mental health inaccuracies.

1,002 mental health inaccuracies.


No medical inaccuracies.

2,091 medical inaccuracies.


No archaeological inaccuracies.

1,447 archaeological inaccuracies.


Teaches mercy.

Teaches very little mercy.


Exhaustive (plentiful) ancient manuscript evidence.

Little ancient manuscript evidence.


Consistency of ancient manuscript authority.

Extreme inconsistency of ancient manuscript authority.


Consistency in doctrinal teachings

57% inconsistency in doctrinal teachings.


Clarity in doctrinal teachings.

62% lack of clarity in doctrinal teachings.


90% agreement among all followers regarding core doctrines.

32% agreement among all followers regarding core doctrines.


Supports the welfare of children.

Denigrates (belittles) the welfare of children.


Supports the fair treatment of women.

Denigrates (belittles) the fair treatment of women.


Supports freedom and democracy.

Opposes freedom and democracy.


Supports the right to acquire wealth. Supports capitalism and a free market.

Opposes private ownership of wealth (the local mosque owns everything). Opposes capitalism and a free market.


Supports scientific and technological advancement.

Discourages scientific and technological advancement.


Teaches divine inspiration of the Bible.

Does NOT teach divine inspiration of the Koran.

What Is Islam?

Islam is a primitive, psychologically enslaving religion of peoples still living in the Dark Ages. The teachings of Islam are contradictory, which results in the instability and unpredictability of the Islamic population. Islam is divided into several sects, some worse than others. A follower of Islam is called a “Muslim.”

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