Does A Good Candidate Have To Be A Perfect Candidate?

Well, I think that we should always start out looking for the perfect candidate. However, at some point, people’s ideas of what is perfect will clash. At that point, we need to ask ourselves, “What qualifications are indispensable?” Well, what qualifications will save lives?

Fighting abortion will save lives. Fighting Gay-perverts will not. Therefore, fighting abortion is more important than fighting Gay-perverts. Eliminating the national debt will save lives. This is because a future national debt will deprive people of money for food and the other necessities of life. So, fighting the national debt is more important than fighting Gay-perverts.

The National Debt

I have been concerned about and fighting against the National Debt since 1961 when I was only twelve years old and the National Debt was less than 1/3 trillion dollars.  Today it is more than 62 times that:

18+ Trillion

So, what has our moronic federal government been doing for over 50 years?

More important, why have the American people let them do it?

Wake up America!  Eventually, if the debt keeps growing, everyone will lose all of their money.  Food, clothing, everything will be rationed!  Good-bye McDonalds!
Good-bye Internet!  Good-bye cell phones!
And that’s just on the first day!