Death Penalty

We support the death penalty for individuals caught in the act of committing certain crimes. These include:

  • Child Rape (Pedophiles, Pedophilia)
  • Rape
  • Murder

For these same crimes, where the individual was not caught in the act, evidence, the law, witnesses, juries, and judges must influence or determine the punishment.

Report From Agent J, One Of Our Spies At The APA

Agent J, one of our spies at the APA (American Psychiatric Association), reported the following today:

As of today, Monday, February 24, 2014, the APA employs:

  • 23 pedophiles (child rapists [7 with convictions and prison time])
  • 17 rapists (adult rapists)
  • 29 atheists
  • 43 Gay-perverts


Politically speaking, if a pedophile raped my daughter:

Neither God nor man would stop me from putting a bullet in their head.

Footnote To Less Educated Readers: This post is a metaphor, a figure of speech, a “joke of language.”