Why The Top Two Policies?

The policies set as the top two – national debt and balanced budget – were chosen because, apart from divinely promised miracle:

Nothing gets done without money.

Top Two Policies Set

We have established the top two policies of our Prioritized Standards.  They are:

#1 The “National Debt” Principle

Eliminate the national debt.

#2 The “Balanced Budget” Principle

Balance the government’s budget; in plain English, make sure the government can’t spend more money than it has.

How To Tell If You Are A Stupid Voter

If you put any of the following above policy, you are a stupid voter:

  • He’s a Democrat.
  • He’s a Republican.
  • He’s white.
  • He’s black.
  • She’s a woman.
  • He’s a man.
  • She’s pretty.
  • He’s handsome.
  • He’s younger.
  • He’s older.

More later.