Transgender Insanity!

A number of children are having their lives ruined by insane psychiatrists, who brainwash the children into believing that they, the children, are of the opposite gender. After the insane psychiatrists brainwash the children they, then, mutilate the sexual organs of these children.

These insane psychiatrists must be stopped!

Mind Healers Are Fools

This article is intended for people who are in control of all of their faculties. If you feel like you are losing control, go and see someone, whether it be a friend, a pastor, a priest, a psychologist, a psychiatrist, etc., etc.

Do not turn to psychologists, psychiatrists, and other so-called “mind healers” for knowledge of how your mind works. I am a psychologist and psychiatrist and I will tell you that these mind healers are fools!

However, among their writings, here and there, you will find some important truths. Therefore, I recommend that you consult their writings. Do not, however, go to the psychologist and psychiatrist authors themselves. This is because they are in it for the money and, more important, because they are not teachers but rather are obfuscators. Obfuscators deliberately make it impossible to learn. The reason they do this is that, if you knew what they know, you wouldn’t need them anymore and they would stop making money.

Now, I have spent over 50 years reading, reviewing, and studying their writings and have extracted all of the vital information that you need. In addition, my research team has, collectively, spent over 10,000 years adding to my research and my technology team has used our AI supercomputer Collosus and our Nemesis program (a next-generation statistical program) to extract over ten billion pages of critical published content from the massive libraries of behavioral science (“mental science”) writings.

UPAX: Gay Mental Illness: CDSM-6 On “Gays” (Gay-Perverts)

UPAX’s CDSM-6 devotes five hundred pages to the discussion of homosexuality. Here are the most basic and most important principles relating to homosexuality, mental health, and morality:

We start by pointing out that there are two general types of homosexuality:

1. HW – Homosexual Weakness

2. HC – Homosexual Choice


This type of Gay falls into four subcategories.


“MDH Gays” are homosexuals who are mentally handicapped.There are two types:

MDH-1 Gays: this type does not have sufficient intelligence to know that what they are doing is wrong.

MDH-2 Gays: this type has sufficient intelligence to know that what they are doing is wrong.


“DH Gays” are homosexuals that suffer from one or more delusions. DH Gays fall into two categories:

DH-1 Gays: This type of Gay once knew the truth but has deceived themself into believing that what they are doing is not wrong.

DH-2 Gays: Virtually all DH-2 Gays are children who have been raised to be Gay and are under the age of twelve. This type of Gay has believed all their usually short life that what they are doing is not wrong.


“EWH Gays” are, for example, little children who have been forced into a homosexual lifestyle by more powerful, sexual predator Gay adults. These children, usually mentally, emotionally, and physically brutalized by these predator adults, are too terrified (hence, emotionally weak) to refuse to engage in the homosexual activity.


The description of “OH Gays” is beyond the understanding of most people; so, we will not provide it at this time.


“HC Gays” are people who know that homosexuality is wrong and freely and voluntarily choose to engage in homosexual activity.

The CDSM-6 Versus The DSM-5

Today, UPAX, the United States Psychiatric Association, released CDSM-6 (Correct Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Sixth Edition) to replace the spurious and unscientific DSM-5 (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fifth Edition) released by the American Psychiatric Association last May.

The president of UPAX said:

The release of CDSM-6 was necessary to safeguard the sanity of millions of people in the face of the multiple threats of the DSM-5. The APA [American Psychiatric Association] can burn in hell forever for the criminality demonstrated by the DSM-5.

The Politics of Psychiatry

Just like in politics, there are, in the world of psychiatry, liberals and conservatives. Liberal psychiatrists, like those at the APA (American Psychiatric Association), believe that, if we eliminated all rules, we would end all feelings of guilt and anxiety. However, that has been disproved countless times in history in that societies that did eliminate all rules did not eliminate all feelings of guilt and anxiety. In fact, the feelings of guilt and anxiety increased.

Report From Agent J, One Of Our Spies At The APA

Agent J, one of our spies at the APA (American Psychiatric Association), reported the following today:

As of today, Monday, February 24, 2014, the APA employs:

  • 23 pedophiles (child rapists [7 with convictions and prison time])
  • 17 rapists (adult rapists)
  • 29 atheists
  • 43 Gay-perverts