{FD} Watch: Disgraceful Moment Dem. Sen. Actually Questions Kavanaugh On Flatulence

(TeaParty.org) – During the explosive testimony at the continuation of the Kavanaugh hearings on Thursday, Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse decided to make his mark on what is sure to be a historically significant confirmation hearing for the SCOTUS.

He asked Kavanaugh about farting.

While Whitehouse, a Democrat from Rhode Island, is far from the only Senator to make a complete and total fool of themselves during the hearing, he is certainly never going to live down the fact that he actually chose to ask the nominee about a high-school euphemism for flatulence.

Here is the cringe-worthy exchange:

“Have you, I don’t know if it’s ‘buffed’ or ‘boofed,’ how do you pronounce that?” Whitehouse asked Kavanaugh.

“That refers to flatulence,” Kavanaugh said. “We were 16.”

“OK,” Whitehouse replied. “And so when your friend Mark Judge put the same thing in his yearbook page back to you, he had the same meaning? It was flatulence?”

“I don’t know what he did but that’s my recollection,” answered Kavanaugh. “We want to talk about flatulence at age 16 on a yearbook page, I’m game.”

Scrutinizing the unclear comments made in the high-school yearbooks of a highly successful and well-respected district court judge may seem a preposterous practice when he has been baselessly accused of sexual assault, but Whitehouse is not the only one treating Kavanaugh’s yearbooks like they have some sort of secret clue that will bust the case wide open.

Michael Avenatti, the “creepy porn lawyer” who just had to get in on this highly-publicized uproar, has been the most notable player to bring up Kavanugh’s yearbook signatures.

“Brett Kavanaugh must also be asked about this entry in his yearbook: ‘FFFFFFFourth of July,’” Avenatti tweeted last Sunday.

“We believe that this stands for: Find them, French them, Feel them, Finger them, F— them, Forget them.”

This whole thing is really quite embarrassing. Naturally, Democrats have no shame making these kind of wild speculations about Kavanaugh’s activities, despite the fact that it’s highly unlikely Kavanaugh was some sort of calculated, predatory rapist at 17 and somehow managed to go on to extraordinary career success and pass multiple FBI background checks without his criminal history ever once coming up again until he was nominated to the SCOTUS by the most hated President in recent memory.

Sheldon Whitehouse is likely to take much of a political hit for his embarrassing line of questioning, given he is Senator in a deep-blue state that likely feels the same way about Kavanaugh that he does.

It just can’t go without saying that a Senator of the United States actually felt in necessary to ask a Supreme Court nominee about farting.

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