{FD} Watch: Guard Busts Anti-Kavanaugh Star Alyssa Milano In Middle Of Hearing

(TeaParty.org) – On Thursday, the long-awaited The Senate Judiciary Committee hearing to hear the testimony of Dr. Christine Ford, the woman who has accused SCOTUS nominee of sexual assault over 35 years ago, at last took place.

There was a special guest in the crowd: outspoken liberal Twitter warrior and actress Alyssa Milano, who Fox News reports was invited by the committee’s ranking minority leader personally invited to be in attendance at the hearing.

Milano, as one of the initial members of the #MeToo movement, has been a very loud supporter of Dr. Ford’s, who she believes, without having seen any more evidence in support of her claims than anyone else in the US. Oddly enough, Milano has also strongly opposed Kavanaugh since before she knew who Dr. Ford was.

At one point during the hearing, Milano, who was conveniently seated a few rows behind Kavanaugh where she could be seen on camera during the entirety of the hearing, was approached by a guard for violating committee rules for the hearing.

“Finally. @Alyssa_Milano has been breaking room rules for this hearing by videotaping and photographing on and off all day. A guard just went over and told her to stop,” tweeted CNN reporter Kate Bennett.

In the clip, Milano can be seen holding up her phone during a tense exchange between Democrat Vermont Sen. Patrick Leahy and Kavanaugh, likely to photograph or video record the proceedings.

As for the claim that she’d been doing so “all day”, Milano’s timeline is a dead giveaway, as she’d been posting pictures and live-tweeting the event. Oops.

Like this tweet about her support for Ford:

Or this filter-rich shot of Kavanaugh being sworn in:

The committee’s posted instructions for the media are clear that only voice recorders and laptops were allowed in the room during the hearing, and explicitly state that photographs may be taken “ONLY” by credentialed still photographers.

In case there is any confusion, the rules are also clear that “Use of cell phones is strictly prohibited, except by authorized staff.”

Alyssa might be a favorite social media cheerleader for the Democrats, but she’s certainly not authorized Senate Judiciary Committee staff.

In that hearing, she was just another member of the audience, and the rules applied to her same as anyone else.

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