{FD} Ex-executive to cooperate with feds in opioid kickback case

A former opioid sales executive admitted Wednesday to participating in a nationwide conspiracy to bribe doctors to prescribe a highly addictive fentanyl spray for people who didn’t need it and will cooperate with prosecutors targeting his co-workers in the closely watched case against Insys Therapeutics.

{FD} Man threatened to kill newspaper staff over Trump editorials

A California man upset about The Boston Globe’s coordinated editorial response to President Donald Trump’s attacks on the news media was arrested Thursday for threatening to travel to the newspaper’s offices and kill journalists, whom he called the “enemy of the people,” federal prosecutors said Thursday.

{FD} Feds: Troopers ‘tarnished’ badge with bogus overtime shifts

Three recently suspended or retired Massachusetts State Police troopers were arrested Wednesday and charged with taking thousands of dollars of overtime pay for hours they didn’t work by submitting bogus traffic citations to conceal that they had actually been off the clock.