{FD} More than half of violent crimes in the U.S. never reported to police

October has been recognized for years as National Crime Prevention Month, but if statistics from the Department of Justice are to be believed the best way for Americans to prevent criminal activity may be to simply start picking up their phone if they see something happening.

{FD} Trump must press for remains, news about American POWs from Korean War at summit, families say

What happened to the still unknown number of U.S. servicemen who disappeared during the Korean War and were never returned or accounted for? Families and experts are pressing for President Trump to bring up the heartbreaking question during a summit with Kim Jong Un that may now be back on again.

{FD} North Korea, Trump have more than nukes to discuss at historic sit-down, experts say

As President Trump prepares for a sit-down with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, denuclearization is the No. 1 priority but it is not the only issue that needs to be addressed at a meeting that could become one of the most historic diplomatic achievements in decades.