{FD} Italian church, cops dupe art thieves by swapping out original $3M masterpiece for fake

A small Italian church is getting the last laugh on a group of art thieves who stole a Flemish masterÃâ‚â„s painting of the crucifixion only to learn cops had swapped out the original for a fake after being tipped off that a heist was in the works.

{FD} Brazil’s far-right president slams Carnival, tweets x-rated clip and asks about ‘golden shower’

Brazil’s deeply divisive president is under fire for posting a graphic video of two men at Carnival urinating on one another. Jair Bolsonaro followed up the controversial clip with a tweet Wednesday asking his 3.5K followers: —What is a golden shower?—

{FD} India-Pakistan tensions will only die down when both sides ‘can go back to their people and claim victory’, experts say

Tensions are rising as nuclear-armed rivals India and Pakistan both said they shot down each other’s fighter jets on Wednesday, prompting international powers to urge restraint as relations between the two Asian nations showed no signs of improvement