{FD} ‘Mars ain’t gonna be easy’: What Apollo 17 leaders are saying about future space exploration

THE WOODLANDS, Texas To commemorate the 45th anniversary of Apollo 17 the last time astronauts walked on the moon three key figures from the historic mission held a panel discussion here at the 49th annual Lunar and Planetary Science Conference on Wednesday (March 21).

{FD} Cutting NASA science missions ‘Can set a dangerous precedent,’ Congressman warns

While the Trump administration’s budget proposal for fiscal year 2019 supports the long-term goal of sending humans to the moon and Mars, some members of Congress fear that the proposed shift for NASA’s priorities could leave the agency’s science missions in the dust.

{FD} Supersonic plane that could transport people faster than the speed of sound gets full funding under Trump’s NASA budget proposal

The Trump administration’s fiscal year 2019 budget proposal for NASA includes full funding for an experimental supersonic airplane that could one day transport commercial-airline passengers faster than the speed of sound.

{FD} Discovery of organic molecules explains universe’s infrared glow

NATIONAL HARBOR, Md. The universe is filled with faintly glowing infrared light, and for decades, astronomers have been trying to figure out why. But now, they’ve finally determined the source of this strange cosmic radiation: It is emitted by an organic molecule called benzonitrile, which seems to permeate every part of the known universe. The researchers presented their findings here at the 231st meeting of the American Astronomical Society.