{FD} Vet founder of crowdfunding campaign to build border wall insists construction will begin within months

For Brian Kolfage, a triple amputee severely wounded serving in the Iraq War and founder of a crowdfunding campaign to build a border wall, it's not a matter of if Trump's much-touted and controversial border wall will be built – it's when.

{FD} Asia Bibi’s whereabouts shrouded in secrecy over fears for her safety

Asia Bibi, 54, is technically a œfree woman “ having had her death sentence for blasphemy thrown out by the Pakistani court “ but she is far from safe enough to step foot in public, as religious extremists still call for her hanging.

{FD} Keanu Reeves picture among tools in Chinas crackdown on Uighur minority

Millions from the Chinese Uighurs have disappeared into shadowy prisons and concentration camps under Chinese Communist Party rule in the countrys autonomous Xinjiang region, often referred to as the Chinese occupied East Turkestan, following a large-scale effort in recent years to purge and squash Islamic terrorism within the Muslim ethnic minority.