US ship collisions was it outside scheming?

As the U.S. Navy works to identify the cause of the collision involving the USS John S. McCain and an oil tanker, Admiral John Richardson tweeted that the Navy will conduct a wide investigation, including a review into the possibility of “cyber intrusion or sabotage, although he says there is no direct evidence at this point.

{FD} North Korea’s nuke tests are of seismic proportions

As North Korea continues to develop its nuclear program, ramping up tension around the globe, a group of scientists provides the world with information on the actual size and scope of nuke tests inside the hermit kingdom – and stands ready if Kim Jong-Un plans another test soon.

{FD} Bunker boom: North Korea threat has Americans preparing to go underground

North Korea’s nuclear program has put the world on high alert. The Pentagon has confirmed that Thursday night the Kim Jong-un regime fired a missile that appears to have landed in the waters within a couple hundred miles of Japan’s coast.