{FD} Media Blackout: Journalist Who Was Attacked For Being White Dies From Injuries

(APP) – Jerry Wolkowitz, a longtime EMT and journalist, has died nearly six months after a brutal, allegedly racially motivated beating left him on life support. He was 56.

Wolkowitz, described as an “innocent soul” by younger medics he took under his wing, was walking near his Harding Road apartment on the morning of May 1 when authorities believe 26-year-old Jamil S. Hubbard of Sayreville beat him and dragged him into a parking lot.

Hubbard is believed to have driven his own Chevrolet Malibu over Wolkowitz before stealing Wolkowitz’s Kia Forte.

Police arrested Hubbard in Sayreville the same day, and Wolkowitz’s Kia was also found there.

Wolkowitz was hospitalized for weeks before being taken to a long-term care facility, where he stayed until his kidneys failed, friends said. Family members took turns to visit him each week until he died.

A son of Holocaust survivors, Wolkowitz worked as a photojournalist and independent photographer, EMT and ambulance supervisor and, most recently, as supervisor at Transcom in Jersey City. He was a life member of the Freehold First Aid and Rescue Squad.

“It’s so profoundly heartbreaking that this has happened,” said Noel Olivarius, chaplain of the Freehold First Aid and Rescue Squad. “Jerry was nothing but kindness and goodness. His family has endured more than anyone.”

Much of Wolkowitz’s work has appeared in the pages of the Asbury Park Press and on APP.com.

“It’s an absolute tragedy when such a vibrant life ends under such senseless circumstances,” said Hollis R. Towns, Press executive editor and vice president for news and Northeast regional editor for the USA Today Network.

In the months that followed the assault, Wolkowitz’s loved ones remained by his side through infections and organ failures.

“Jerry is the type of person that would be more than happy helping other people than he would be worrying about himself,” close friend Eddie Parze told the Press in a May interview.

Wolkowitz, he said, was “the type of person who would go out of his way for others, wouldn’t expect anything in return.”

Police originally charged Hubbard with attempted murder, possession of a weapon for an unlawful purpose and bias intimidation. A grand jury later added charges of armed robbery, eluding and theft.

Hubbard has two prior convictions in state superior court, records show, one for endangering in 2014 and another for drug dealing in 2015. He received a 364-day jail sentence on the drug charge.

Hubbard “explained that he chose him because he was a white man,” Assistant Monmouth County Prosecutor Keri-Leigh Schaefer said in a September court hearing. Although Hubbard had never met Wolkowitz, he wanted to kill him because of his race, she said.

The Monmouth County Prosecutor’s Office has not confirmed whether it will pursue new charges against Hubbard following Wolkowitz’s death, but he did confirm that the case is before the Middlesex County’s Office of the Medical Examiner, which also takes cases from Mercer and Monmouth counties.

Hubbard has remained in jail pending trial.

A funeral is scheduled at 2 p.m. Friday at the Beth-El Perrineville Cemetery in Millstone, Olivarius said.

“It’s just so unjust and just so cruel,” she said, “but I’m actually relieved that he’s finally at peace.”

A Gofundme campaign originally set up to offset Wolkowitz’s medical and legal costs will now go to pay for his funeral expenses, Wolkowitz’s friends confirmed.


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{FD} Court Docs: Obama Admin Targeting Of Businesses Ran To Top Of FDIC

New filing sheds light on murky Operation Choke Point

(Free Beacon) – New court filings document the extent to which the Obama administration used government power to target disfavored industries, and subsequently sought to avoid responsibility for its targeting program.

The new information comes from a motion for summary judgement filed in federal court by the plaintiffs in Advance America et al. v. Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. et al.

Advance America, a payday lender, was one of the firms targeted by Operation Choke Point. The company contends—and the documents it filed show—that the FDIC was consciously working to target a totally legal industry, and also at a number of points to deny its involvement in the same work.

Choke Point was an initiative under which the Obama administration tried to shut down disfavored industries by removing their access to payment processing and other banking services, thereby cutting off their financial “oxygen.” They did so by applying pressure to third-party banks through the FDIC and other federal financial regulators. Targeted businesses were almost all entirely legal, and included ammunition sales, online gambling, and payday loans.

The FDIC has repeatedly denied that it specifically targeted payday lenders. FDIC chairman Martin Gruenberg told Congress in written testimony that targeting payday lenders was “not consistent with our policy,” and claimed that the corporation had taken “a number of significant steps” to discourage targeting firms that were otherwise operating within the law.

However, the new court filings tell a completely different story.

They go back to late 2010 and early 2011 when, according to a deposition from Chicago Regional FDIC Director Anthony Lowe, the FDIC’s leadership in D.C. informed regional chiefs that “if a bank was found to be involved in payday lending, someone was going to be fired.” This directive made clear to Lowe and his colleagues that they should exercise their power to make sure that payday lenders could not get access to banks.

This effort was clearly in line with the priority of the highest levels of authority at the FDIC. Gruenberg told colleague and Director of the Division of Depositor and Consumer Protection Mark Pearce that “we should discuss” a New York Times article about payday lending and banking in an email. Another email shows that Gruenberg also met personally with a senior bank official to push the bank to withdraw from its involvement with payday lending.

The targeting of payday lenders flowed out of Washington and to the various regional directors. Atlanta Regional Director Thomas Dujenski, who was deposed for the lawsuit, wrote in an email released by Advance America that he “literally can not stand pay day lending. They are abusive, fundamentally wrong, hurt people, and do not deserve to be in any way associated with banking.” He would later tell employees that “any banks even remotely involved in payday [lending] should be promptly brought to my attention.”

Dujenski’s specific focus on choking off payday lenders was clearly of interest to top brass. In one email, he reported to FDIC director Mark Pearce that “I think you will be pleased” because a bank had stopped permitting payday loan providers to use its payment processing service.

“Now that is something to celebrate on Thanksgiving! :),” Dujenski wrote.

FDIC headquarters were also clearly involved in pressuring an Atlanta regional bank to withdraw its relationship to payday lenders. In November of 2011, a headquarters official learned from a colleague at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau that an Atlanta-area bank “appears to have a relationship” with one or more payday lenders.

Headquarters quickly organized regional directors, and the next month seven of them (including Dujenski) met with the chairman of the bank. According to the bank chairman’s deposition, Dujenski claimed that he was involved in “dirty business,” and threatened to refer him personally to the Department of Justice for prosecution.

Notably, once Dujenski and his colleagues had their meeting, he made efforts to ensure that the bank withdrawing its connection to payday lenders was presented as purely a business decision, writing in an email to a colleague that “i hope he relays it is the banks decision,” rather than a function of the FDIC’s priorities, a framing which comports with Gruenberg’s repeated denials that the FDIC explicitly targeted payday lenders.

Choke Point was terminated in August of 2017 by Attorney General Jeff Sessions just a few months after he took office. Sessions then labeled it a “misguided initiative” motivated by “political preferences,” rather than by a respect for the rule of law.

“The Obama administration created this ill-advised program to suffocate legitimate businesses to which it was ideologically opposed by intimidating financial institutions into denying banking services to those businesses,” wrote House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte (R., Va.) in a letter cheering the change. “This is no way for law enforcement to operate and runs counter to principles enshrined in our Constitution.”

While Choke Point may have officially ended, Advance America claims that the culture it created is still present at the FDIC. Notably, Gruenberg not only remains on the FDIC’s board of directors, but is reportedly at the top of Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer’s (N.Y.) list to become vice chairman of the corporation. As of press time, Schumer did not respond to questions as to whether or not he was aware of Advance America’s documents, and if he still supported Gruenberg for vice chairman.


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{FD} Just In: Supreme Court Announcement Rocks America

(USA TODAY) – Conservative groups wield influence at the White House and in Congress. Now they have their sights set on the Supreme Court.

This month’s confirmation of Associate Justice Brett Kavanaugh has given the conservative legal movement confidence that the court will move in its direction on issues ranging from vast government regulations to individual property rights.

While the court’s reinvigorated majority may be cautious about moving too fast on hot-button issues such as abortion, affirmative action and gun rights, the justices are more likely to flex their muscles in more obscure but consequential areas of law.

Kavanaugh’s replacement of the more moderate Anthony Kennedy, who retired in July, represents the biggest ideological shift on the court since 2006, when Associate Justice Samuel Alito succeeded another swing vote, Sandra Day O’Connor. Conservative groups that could not count on Kennedy are more confident Kavanaugh will be on their side.

“Having it be 5-4 is a lot better than 4-4,” says Richard Samp, chief counsel at the Washington Legal Foundation, which litigates for individual rights and free enterprise.

It takes four of the nine justices to agree to hear a case and five to win it. In recent years, justices on both the right and left have declined to hear some cases because they were uncertain about Kennedy’s vote.

Nevertheless, conservatives enjoyed a nearly unbroken string of victories last term, even with Kennedy holding the swing vote. And so far this term, many of the cases granted represent conservative challenges to perceived government intrusion.

Generational shift

Now that Kavanaugh is on the court, those challenges are likely to increase – not only because of an ideological shift but a generational one. Kavanaugh, 53, and Associate Justice Neil Gorsuch, 51, who joined the court last year, replaced justices three decades older who were more deferential to government agencies.

“I think what you’ll probably see coming up are attempts to move those fences,” says Bill Maurer, managing attorney at the Institute for Justice, which represents clients seeking economic and property rights, educational choice and other causes.

A major priority of the conservative legal movement is to cut back on federal agencies’ powers as part of a return to a traditional separation of powers between the executive, legislative and judicial branches.

n that regard, they have a friend in Kavanaugh, whose decade-old dissent in a federal appeals court case helped lead the Supreme Court in 2010 to restore congressional and executive branch authority over independent agencies.

“The doctrine could potentially move in a direction that articulates the separation between the branches,” which has “sort of blurred over the last few decades,” says Ryan Radia, regulatory counsel at the Competitive Enterprise Institute.

Protecting private property owners is a major priority for legal conservatives. Kennedy wasn’t always on their side, as was the case last year when the court ruled 5-3 that owners of a Wisconsin lake cottage were not entitled to compensation when regulations barred them from selling an adjacent lot.

“If the government takes action that deprives the owner of most of the value of his property, it’s only appropriate that the government pays for that regulation,” Samp says.

‘We’ll get to the stars’

The Pacific Legal Foundation, which specializes in property rights cases, also is taking aim at federal wetlands protection laws and regulations.

“It is devilishly difficult to determine what is and what is not a wetland,” says James Burling, the group’s vice president for litigation.

Another issue headed back to the high court is religious liberty, a priority of the Becket Fund, which last month asked the justices to overturn a lower court ruling that barred the use of historic preservation funds to restore houses of worship.

High-profile issues such as abortion and affirmative action also will head back to the court, though perhaps not right away. More than a dozen abortion cases are pending in federal circuit courts. Harvard University’s affirmative action policies are on trial in Massachusetts in a case that’s expected to reach the Supreme Court eventually.

As more challenges from conservatives are granted, the opposite may be true for liberal groups seeking to reverse lower court decisions. Kent Scheidegger, legal director at the conservative Criminal Justice Legal Foundation, predicts the justices will accept fewer cases that could reduce sentences for juvenile offenders or protect prisoners from the death penalty.

For all their optimism, conservative groups don’t expect that Kavanaugh will usher in a sea change. It took Alito a decade to win a 5-4 ruling in June that barred public employee unions from collecting fees from nonmembers.

“Traditionally over the years, the court has been cautious,” Burling says. “Our strategy is not to ask for the sun and the moon and the stars and get nothing. We’d rather start with the moon, and then eventually we’ll get to the stars.”


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{FD} Leftist Campaign Tries To Stop Gun Owners From Voting On Election Day

(USA Today) – Gun-control groups are launching a “voter protection campaign” to keep guns out of the polling booths this Election Day.

The social media campaign is encouraging voters who see people with firearms to text “Guns down” to 91990. Reports will be sent to nonpartisan election protection experts, who may contact authorities or send a lawyer to the polling place.

The groups are concerned about gun owners bringing their firearms to rallies and political events since the election of President Donald Trump, said Igor Volsky, Guns Down America director.

“Given the troubling political rhetoric we’ve seen over the last two years, and that guns are far too easy to obtain, this campaign will help the majority of Americans who believe that fewer guns keeps us safer fight back and cast their ballots free from fear of intimidation,” he said.

Voter intimidation is a federal crime, but states have different rules on bringing firearms to polling places. Only Arizona, California, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana and Texas have clear laws prohibiting guns at polls, according to Giffords Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence. This week, the Missoula City Council in Montana voted to ban weapons in polling places and other public places.

The campaign targets key districts that have competitive races and high number of gun-owning households in Florida, Texas, Indiana, Nevada, Wisconsin, Colorado and Georgia. The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, League of Women Voters of Florida, States United to Prevent Gun Violence, Media Matters and the Center for American Progress are partnering with Guns Down America on the campaign.

Volsky said this is the beginning of a broader campaign to ultimately get guns out of polling places.

Above: This simple checklist will help make sure your vote counts. USA TODAY


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{FD} Former VP, Creepy Joe Biden Can Barely Fill A Union Hall At Las Vegas Rally – But He Thinks He Can Take On Trump?

(Gateway Pundit) – Creepy Joe Biden, the former Vice President of the United States, has a hard time filling a union hall at a rally in Las Vegas!

The former VP had a hard time filling a union hall in Las Vegas. ABC reported –

Culinary Union spokeswoman Bethany Khan said later Saturday organizers checked in more than 500 people for the Las Vegas rally, including some who filled in overflow areas away from the stage.

Biden was supporting Democrat Jacky Rosen who is running for Senate and who reportedly lied about building a business. Per a review of her past, it’s doubtful that she ever owned a business –

President Trump meanwhile held a rally in Elko, Nevada, a town of around 20,000, and still filled a venue at the Elko airport. Around 8,500 were reportedly in attendance in the small community.

President Trump held a rally in Mesa, Arizona on Friday and hours before the event the parking lot was already full. The Mesa Police Department tweeted before 4pm that the parking lots were full with no alternative parking available –

The line waiting to get into the Mesa event was miles long –

The Mainstream Media will never report attendance at political rallies since candidate Trump came on the scene. President Trump is showing all Americans that if they stand for law and order, lower taxes and cleaning up the DC swamp, they are not alone.

Poor Creepy Joe Biden, he’ll never have the crowds that President Trump does. Ever!


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{FD} 7,000 Strong Honduran Illegal Caravan To Hit US Border By Election Day — Second Caravan Starts Up

(Gateway Pundit) – The illegal migrant caravan is sweeping through Chiapas in southern Mexico on Sunday, their numbers having jumped to over 7,000 overnight from just a few thousand as it became apparent the caravan would not be stopped by Mexico. After blocking the migrants on a bridge Friday, Mexican officials allowed the migrants to swim and raft across the Suchiate River from Guatemala into Mexico Saturday and then regroup in a riverside park. Mexico also allowed over 600 women and children to legally enter for processing on Saturday.

At the current rate the Honduran illegal alien caravan will hit the United States on Election Day November 6, 2018.

And now a second caravan has started up in Honduras on its way to the United States.


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{FD} Christian Leader Ralph Reed: “We’re Going To Turn Out The Biggest Christian Vote” In The 2018 Mid-Terms In Modern History!!!

(Gateway Pundit) – Ralph Reed was the first executive director of the Christian Coalition and now is the current head of the Faith and Freedom Coalition. He recently spoke at the Gateway Eagle Counsel and shared how his group is reaching out to over 26 million Christian Americans in highly contested states in the mid-term election and to encourage them to vote for Republicans in their states.

Ralph Reed provided a summary of the actions that the Faith and Freedom Coalition took during the 2016 Presidential election to help Donald J. Trump win the White House. He then provided comments about how President Trump is saving America.

Reed shared the following after praising President Trump for his actions in regards to the right to life –

And let me tell you what’s going to happen. In North Dakota, in Missouri, in Montana, Indiana, Florida, Nevada, Arizona, Tennessee, now Texas, where they’re trying to take out Ted Cruz, and by the way they can forget it, in all those key Senate races and about 40 House races, we’re going to turn out the biggest Christian vote that has been seen in a mid-term election in modern political history.

Now in 2016, 27% of the entire vote was self identified evangelical Christians. They voted 81% for Donald Trump, that’s is the highest share of the vote anyone has ever received and they voted only 16% for Hillary Clinton, that’s the lowest percent anyone has ever received.

At the end of this talk Reed said –

Let’s make sure that the media is shocked on election night one more time. Thank you all very much. God Bless you!

Hat tip Reboot Congress


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{FD} “Feminist” Arizona Senate Candidate Called Stay-At-Home-Moms “Leeches”

(TeaParty.org) – The Democratic candidate for Jeff Flake’s Senate seat, Krysten Sinema, has not only been caught multiple times bashing her own constituents, she’s also clearly pretty anti-woman too.

Naturally, she still calls herself a feminist despite having called women who stay at home as “leeching off their husbands or boyfriends.”

The Federalist recently exposed Sinema’s comments, made in 2006 to 944 Magazine, an out-of-print magazine about the Scottsdale, AZ nightlife and previously reported by the Phoenix New Times in 2012.

“These women who act like staying at home, leeching off their husbands or boyfriends, and just cashing the checks is some sort of feminism because they’re choosing to live that life,” Sinema said.

“That’s bullsh—. I mean, what the f—- are we really talking about here?”

In the same interview, Sinema also called conservatives “neanderthals.”

According to the Phoenix Business Journal, Sinema later tried to explain away the comments by calling them “sarcastic.”

This shows that she either doesn’t know how sarcasm works, or is basically lying.

It’s hard to believe her contemptuous comments were anything but authentic representations of how she feels about stay-at-home moms, however, considering the way she’s spoken about her own constituents.

She has, after all, called her home state a “meth lab of democracy,” warned fellow liberals not to let their states “turn into Arizona,” and once even physically cringed at the mention of her state’s name.

In 2012, the Phoenix New Times nailed it when they described her “knack for the self-inflicted wound and the political tin ear that accompanies it.”

Since being elected as a representative, she somehow seems to consider herself entitled to the votes of the very people she’s been bashing for years as she aspires to the Senate.

In addition to her contempt of Arizonans and millions of American housewives, she also once said she didn’t mind if Americans joined the Taliban.

The Democratic party, ladies and gentlemen.

After all, like Democratic darling Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Sinema has also been busted for lying about her “humble” beginnings.

She has also once encouraged Wiccans–self-described witches–to “dance, twirl, and stay in touch” with their “inner creativity and with the Earth” when inviting them to attend a local rally. She later was seen “singing and spiraling in the pagan’s circle only 5 rows back from the police line” with the witches at an anti-war rally.

Right. So being a foul-mouthed bitter leftist is totally virtuous, but sacrificing self and career to make a home for your children makes a woman a “leech.”

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{FD} Pope Francis Calls On Catholics To Show Their Support Of Migrants And Join “Global Solidarity Walk”

(Big League Politics) – On Sunday, Pope Francis plugged the One-million-kilometer “Global Solidarity Walk” for migrants and refugees, urging all Catholics to participate in the pro-immigration event.

The event, organized by international Catholic relief service Caritas Internationalis, involves walking “side by side with migrants and refugees” but has a clear political purpose as well. By walking together, we “send a strong message of unity to political leaders,” organizers declare.

Sunday the pope compared the pro-immigration walk to the journey two disciples took on the road to Emmaus after Christ’s resurrection, where they were joined by Jesus as they traveled.

“Join Caritas and walk 1 million kilometres together with migrants & refugees. We are all on the Road to Emmaus being called to see the face of Christ. #sharejourney”

Back in September 2017, the pope stated that Jesus Christ himself is who asks us to welcome migrants “with arms wide open,” and that a failure to do so stems from xenophobia.

Pope Francis went on to say that opposition to immigration “finds its explanation in an innate fear of the ‘foreigner,’ a fear exacerbated by the wounds caused by the economic crisis, the unpreparedness of the local communities, and the inadequacy of many measures taken in an emergency atmosphere.”

Francis also launched a two-year pro-immigration campaign to encourage a more welcoming attitude toward migrants all over the globe.

The campaign is run by Caritas Internationalis and was initially launched in response to Pope Francis’ habitual summons for a “culture of encounter” with immigrants.

The world “faces not a migration crisis, but a crisis of global solidarity,” Caritas Internationalis says on its website. “Be part of a worldwide campaign to reach out to migrants, change perceptions, open hearts and minds, and strengthen the bonds that unite us all.”

The organization states that the project hopes to provoke a “shift in thinking” as far as immigration is concerned, by dispelling common “myths about migration.”

The organization says on their website that popular myths about migration include migrants living off welfare benefits and stealing jobs from citizens, that closing borders will curb migrant flows, that there are more migrants now than ever before, and that “people from poor countries migrate to rich ones.”

Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle of Manila, president of Caritas Internationalis, recently said during a Vatican press conference that world leaders should remember that “we are all migrants. Nobody can claim to be a non-migrant, we are all passing in this world.”

“Nobody is a permanent resident,” and no one can claim to “own the space they occupy,” he said, voicing his hope that there would be a universal “conversion of mind” on the issue.


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{FD} Ted Malloch: Meet The Ohrs

(Gateway Pundit) – Meet the Ohrs — a very special couple in the coup to overthrow a duly elected President of our United States of America.

The Ohrs are NOT the Fockers of comedic movie fame.

Far from it. They are part of an American tragedy.

Recall at a press conference during his campaign for the presidency, Trump once joked to the crowd that he could shoot somebody on Fifth Avenue and he wouldn’t lose any voters.

Though in jest, there’s truth behind Trump’s joke, and the Democrats knew this.

So, Fusion GPS, working on behalf of the Clinton campaign, knows that to dig up dirt on a man nicknamed “Teflon Don”—to whom no scandal or dirt seems to stick— they’ll need more than just one man on the job.

They task FBI agent Bruce Ohr with the impossible . . .

In June 2016 Bruce Ohr is an Associate Deputy Attorney General at the US Department of Justice. His office is just four doors down from that of his boss, Rod Rosenstein, the Deputy Attorney General and the number two-justice officer in America.

Ohr’s career is going along swimmingly: for the past decade or so he has been climbing up the political ladder and accruing power. Digging up dirt on Trump will surely bring him one rung higher to the top of the ladder. And Fusion GPS, hedging their bets, contracts another agent for the job.

In a clear case of nepotism and the Deep State at work, Fusion GPS hires Bruce’s wife, Nellie, to conduct oppo research on Trump and any connections to Russia and similar matters.

Nellie is a well-known expert in Russian affairs with an extensive network in that country. She holds a degree in history and Russian literature from Radcliffe/Harvard and an MA and PhD in Russian Affairs from Stanford University.

Throughout her career, Nellie has published extensively on the subject in peer-reviewed journals and worked for the CIA as an open source analyst.

In short, she knows all things Russia-related.

Nellie not only speaks the language but also knows the turf inside out and is an experienced Russia hand.

Perhaps more curiously, her PhD thesis, titled “Collective farms and Russian peasant society, 1933- 1937: the stabilization of the kolkhoz order,” blurs the “revisionist” line as she attempts to defend the millions killed by Stalin as “excesses,” which, according to Ohr, “sometimes represented desperate measures taken by a government that had little real control over the country.”

Is Nellie a Stalin sympathizer?

Seems like Steele, a confirmed socialist since his days in Cambridge, has found the perfect woman to carry out his socialist agenda nearly thirty years in the making. He knows Nellie’s the perfect woman for a crooked mission like this. And she hates Trump as much as he does.

And interestingly, only a few months prior, Nellie obtained her ham radio license, which begs the question, why? Could it be to have secure and confidential contact with Christopher Steele?

Could Nellie be more than just an agent conducting research?

Could she be a co-author of the Steele files?

And more peculiarly, when prompted by the FBI down the line, why does Bruce hide the fact that his wife is involved? Paid?

Is this a conflict of interest? What else is Bruce hiding?

Are the Ohrs the inside track to the Plot to Destroy Trump?

Ohr from inside DOJ and meeting with Fusion GPS’ Glenn Simpson passing on to his cronies and the FBI computer thumb drives from his own wife—Nellie Ohr?

Over the next few months, Bruce Ohr meets not only with Christopher Steele himself but also with Glenn Simpson numerous times, the founder of Fusion GPS, who hired Steele.

Simpson is the operative behind this whole saga.

Why exactly does Ohr meet with Steele? And how often?

Mr. Ohr has told Congress in a secret oversight committee hearing about his doings.

Simpson said one thing and now is caught in his lie and pleads the Fifth.

And Mrs. (Bruce) Nellie Ohr yesterday invokes the marital privilege clause to avoid talking about her husband.

The walls are finally crashing down!

Time for a second Special Prosecutor or just arrest ALL of them.


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