{FD} Man’s wife dies 6 days after giving birth, now on a mission to educate parents on maternal mortality

The U.S. continues to see maternal death rates rise and yet 60 percent of these deaths are preventable, according to the CDC. Fox News’ Dr. Manny Alvarez, a high-risk obstetrician, discusses three of the most common types of pregnancy complications and what everyone can do to help end maternal mortality worldwide.

{FD} Vanessa Lachey warns parents about dangerous virus that hospitalized son

Actress and mother of three, Vanessa Lachey, sits down with Fox News’ Dr. Manny Alvarez to talk about the other dangerous seasonal virus many parents may not know about, Respiratory syncytial virus (RSV). Lachey’s youngest child, 1-year-old Phoenix, developed the disease last winter and was hospitalized for 6 days from it.

{FD} Demi Lovato apparent overdose: How to keep loved ones from relapsing

The news of Demi Lovato’s apparent overdose and relapse has many people questioning how and why the starlet went down that destructible road again. Fox News’ Dr. Manny Alvarez sits down with two renowned addiction experts to find out just how common relapses are and how we can help prevent our loved ones from falling back into active addiction.

{FD} Data sharing company helps improve cancer patient outcomes, reduce total cost of care

Some doctors are now looking at big data sharing companies to help cancer patients and hospitals reduce the total cost of care all while improving clinical outcomes. Fox News’ Dr. Manny Alvarez sits down with the founder of Cota, an oncology clinical data company to hear more about how this emerging field can lead to better treatment decisions.