{FD} Liz Peek: GOP’s 2020 campaign will put Dem extremism on trial

Republicans have found their platform for 2020, and they have Democrats to thank. After a month in which a partial government shutdown battered President Trump's approval ratings, a string of self-inflicted wounds by Democrats has abruptly shifted the political landscape, resuscitating discouraged Republicans and also setting the debate for 2020.

{FD} Liz Peek: Dems’ opposition to Trump’s wall exposes hypocrisy on immigration– Here are 5 ways to move forward

With the government partially shut down because Democrats refuse to fund the wall, it is time for an adult conversation about immigration. Not a blame-game, soundbite-ready, phony-baloney conversation; a real one, that acknowledges we have a broken system and that seeks solutions.

{FD} Liz Peek: Midterm elections prove Trump’s critics still underestimate him as ‘blue wave’ becomes a ripple

Despite spending more money than ever before for a midterm election, and even though they were confident of crushing a historically unpopular president, Democrats appear to have mustered only a slim majority in the House while not even coming close to taking over the Senate.