{FD} Here’s why space travel will be even more amazing (and important) in 2019

It’s well known that if something goes out of style, you only need to wait several decades for it to return. That certainly applies to manned space exploration, which, after fading from the headlines in the late eighties, is poised to roar back to life in 2019. But there is one glaring difference I see in the comeback and one huge reason why it matters.

{FD} The Strawberry Moon signifies something beautiful and timeless

The book of Genesis refers to the sun as the “greater light to govern the day” and the moon as the “lesser light to govern the night.” This month’s so-called Strawberry Moon, however, reminds us that in many significant ways we give greater attention and importance to the moon than the sun – and it shows in the dizzying number of nicknames we give it.