{FD} Cuba formally inaugurates US-sponsored statue honoring hero

President Raul Castro and his expected successor attended the formal unveiling of a U.S.-sponsored statue of independence hero Jose Marti on Sunday in a sign of Cuba’s focus was of maintaining ties with the United States despite a chill in relations under President Donald Trump.

{FD} Election council says 8M voted to create Venezuelan assembly

Venezuela’s election body says more than 8 million people voted to grant President Nicolas Maduro’s ruling socialist party virtually unlimited powers with a constitutional assembly a turnout more than double the estimates of the government’s political opponents and independent experts.

{FD} Venezuela leader: Will use new assembly to go after foes

President Nicolas Maduro is pledging to go after his political foes with the virtually unlimited powers of a constitutional assembly that his backers will select Sunday as his opponents wage a last-ditch battle to halt what they call the replacement of Venezuelan democracy with a single-party authoritarian system.

{FD} Venezuela crisis enters new phase with Sunday vote

Despite four months of deadly protests and the threat of U.S. sanctions, Venezuela on Saturday found itself 24 hours away from a consolidation of government power that appeared certain to drag the OPEC nation deeper into a crisis that has entire neighborhoods battling police and paramilitaries while the poor root for scraps in piles of trash.