{FD} Physicists think they’ve spotted the ghosts of black holes from another universe

We are not living in the first universe. There were other universes, in other eons, before ours, a group of physicists has said. Like ours, these universes were full of black holes. And we can detect traces of those long-dead black holes in the cosmic microwave background (CMB) the radioactive remnant of our universe’s violent birth.

{FD} Plasma scientists created invisible, whooping ‘whistlers’ in a lab

There’s a sort of radio wave that bangs its way around Earth, knocking around electrons in the plasma fields of loose ions surrounding our planet and sending strange tones to radio detectors. It’s called a “whistler.” And now, scientists have observed bursts like this in more detail than ever before.

{FD} Amazing photo reveals a lunar eclipse like you’ve never seen it before

If you’ve ever stood in the totality of a solar eclipse, you’ve seen something astonishing: the full width of the moon’s dark shadow blocking out the sun, perfectly encircled by the dim, wispy rays of the sun’s corona. And if you’ve also stood outside during a lunar eclipse, you might know that the effect is somewhat less dramatic. As Earth’s shadow falls on the moon, it quickly swallows the smaller orbiting rock. The effect of the moon glowing bloody red with Earth’s refracted twilight is beautiful, but the effect doesn’t fully convey the scale of the astronomical phenomenon at work in the same in-your-face way as happens during a solar eclipse. The moon, much smaller than Earth’s shadow, never shows the whole thing on its surface.