{FD} Tucker Carlson: Democrats believe border walls are immoral. What does that mean?

The new Speaker of the House has announced that the Democratic Congress will never, under any circumstances, allocate a single tax dollar to build the border wall, not because it’s too expensive, obviously, these are the Democrats, but because a wall would violate some previously unknown and never-explained moral code.

{FD} Tucker Carlson: It’s increasingly true that Trump has driven the left crazy (and not just figuratively)

Well, we often hear people say that Donald Trump has driven the American left crazy. That’s a talking point, obviously. But it’s also increasingly true. And not just figuratively crazy, meaning zany or eccentric or red in the face mad, but actually crazy, meaning delusional, needs help, dangerous to self and others.

{FD} Tucker Carlson: A mob of angry children doesn’t want you to know why the American Dream is dying

A mob of angry children is suddenly in charge of the country. These aren’t people seeking a revolution. They’re fighting for the status quo to protect their own status. They’re drunk on power and looking for new people to hurt. Someday, we’re going to look back on this moment with shame and horror.