How Blue States (NY, CAL) Are Robbing You Blind!

For over half a century (over 50 years), the Blue States, especially California and New York, have been robbing you blind and getting away with it. How have they gotten away with it?

  1. Blue States charge their residents TWICE the taxes that Red States charge their residents. (Note that Blue States also provide HALF the services that Red States provide and have FOUR times the fraud and inefficiency as the Red States.)
  2. In the past, the Blue States changed the federal tax law to give THEMSELVES AND THEMSELVES ONLY an EXEMPTION FROM PAYING FEDERAL TAXES.

Before we proceed, we must let you know that Democrats, who run the Blue States, will argue “You are lying. This is a deduction, not an exemption” but their argument is just one of the many, many word games that Democrats play. The fact is that the unpaid tax IS an exemption and is only CALLED a “deduction.” Now to continue:

  • So, for every $1,000 you pay in taxes, Blue States (California, New York, etc.) pay $0 in taxes andRed States’ taxes are raised by $1,000. Thus, in the end, Red States (and a couple of small Blue States) end up paying $2,000 in taxes while the Blue States pay $0 in taxes.

Current State of Affairs

Here is the current state of affairs now that we have President Trump’s Federal Tax Law:

  1. President Trump WORKED TO ELIMINATE THE BLUE STATES EXEMPTION but the Democrats and a couple of Republicans STOPPED THE PRESIDENT.

Final Note

The Blue States, California, New York, etc., are currently using LEGAL TRICKERY to try to defeat President Trump’s Federal Tax Law.