Democrats Now Proven to Have Worked Together with Russia

Some Democrats in the FBI, CIA, House of Representatives, and Senate have now been proven to have worked together with Russia against President Trump and you and me, against the United States of America. This means they should be indicted (“pre-arrested”), arrested, put on trial, and, if convicted, each serve life in prison.

California Governor Jerry Brown, Democrats, And Environmentalists Allowed California Fires

California Governor Jerry Brown, Democrats, and environmentalists prevented laws from being passed that would have created burn barriers around all of the state’s forests. Why? They didn’t want to kill a beetle or a frog. What insanity! Californians need to wake up, wise up, and vote Jerry Brown and the Democrats out of office and kick all of the environmentalists out of their state.

Proof That Democrats Are Mentally Ill

Here are just a few proofs that Democrats are mentally ill:

  1. Democrats believe in killing unborn babies.
  2. Democrats believe that they can spend any amount of money without regard for future consequences.
  3. Democrats believe you don’t need a job.
  4. Democrats believe that boys are girls and girls are boys.
  5. Democrats believe men should share bathrooms with our daughters.
  6. Democrats believe you can defend yourself with your fists against a man with a machine gun.
  7. Democrats believe criminals won’t break into our homes if we don’t have guns.
  8. Democrats believe that MS-13 gang members are normal people.
  9. Democrats hate your church.
  10. Democrats hate God.