The Truth About Designer Babies (Chemistry-Made Babies)

What is a designer baby? A baby whose genetic makeup was selected before conception by altering the DNA of the egg and/or the sperm.

Now, there have been one million experiments to create designer animals. Here are the results:

  1. 20,000 two-headed cows.
  2. 13,000 three-headed cows.
  3. 17,000 six-legged goats.
  4. 25,000 constantly bleeding goats.
  5. 6,000 blind lambs.
  6. 233,000 deaf and mute birds.
  7. 321,000 blind, deaf, mute, legless dogs.
  8. 211,000 blind, deaf, mute, tongueless cats.
  9. 5,000 blind, deaf, mute tongueless, legless monkeys.
  10. 470,000 other animals from 133 other species (animal groups) all born with one or more of 39,222 birth defects, including multi-headedness, extra-leggedness, constant-bleedingness, blindness, muteness, deafness, leglessness, tonguelessness, eyelessness, earlessness, and noselessness.

In addition, no animals were born without birth defects, all animals were born with birth defects.