{FD} ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’ debuts new trailer featuring surprising Chewbacca reveal

After a much maligned and talked-about production, Lucasfilm and Disney dropped the newest trailer for “Solo: A Star Wars Story” and it gives fans some pretty exciting information, including Chewbacca’s age.

{FD} ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 8 midseason premiere star teases dramatic death following Season 9 renewal

As AMC announces that its most popular show, “The Walking Dead,” has been renewed for yet another season, one of the key stars that made a stir in Season 8 is teasing a major death and departure from the show when it returns later this year.

{FD} Ed Sheeran teases his guest role on ‘The Simpsons’ despite ‘Game of Thrones’ backlash

After his controversial cameo on the latest season of “Game of Thrones,” singer Ed Sheeran is moving forward with another guest starring role on a fan-beloved show, this time on “The Simpsons.”

{FD} Rose McGowan will star in 5-part E! documentary about her activism titled ‘Citizen Rose’

Actress Rose McGowan’s activism in Hollywood as of late has officially propelled her to new heights. It’s been announced that she will star in a new five-part documentary series called “Citizen Rose.”