{FD} Mom supports letting Ohio woman testify from beyond the grave in ex-boyfriend’s murder trial

The Ohio woman who died two years after she was doused in gasoline and set ablaze could “testify” during her ex-boyfriend’s murder trial, in the form of a taped recording — and her mother is standing by the decision.

{FD} Sen. Jeff Flake’s son seeks new civil trial against Joe Arpaio

The adult son of outgoing U.S. Sen. Jeff Flake will seek a new civil trial against a candidate seeking to replace Flake — Joe Arpaio — based on allegations that the then-sheriff brought a trumped-up criminal case against him in the deaths of 21 dogs at an Arizona kennel.

{FD} Jury finds pharma millionaire’s brother responsible for Rebecca Zahau’s hanging death

A Southern California civil jury awarded $5 million in damages Wednesday to the family of a woman who was found hanged at a mansion outside San Diego in 2011, determining that the brother of the woman’s boyfriend was liable for her death.

{FD} Colorado deputies told to select random people off street to serve as jurors for murder trial: report

Deputies in Colorado were reportedly sent out on the streets Tuesday to select random people to serve as jurors for a murder trial because not enough people complied with jury summonses.