{FD} Maryland state lawmaker who used racial slur returns to House floor after censure

A Democratic state lawmaker who used the n-word to describe a legislative district will return to the floor of the Maryland House of Delegates in Annapolis Wednesday, after missing several days following a vote to censure her by her colleagues and calls for her resignation.

{FD} Feds say note from jailed Ponzi suspect urged wife to drink the ‘good wine’ to hide assets

An imprisoned suspect in a $364 million Ponzi scheme tried to pass a note to his wife, instructing her to drink the “good wine to prevent the feds from seizing it, according to a report Friday.

{FD} New Year’s Eve celebratory gunfire leaves several injured, including children, in multiple states

As the clock struck midnight and millions cheered the start of 2019, some Americans found themselves ducking for cover or rushing to the hospital when stray bullets from celebratory gunfire suddenly rained down on them.