{FD} Rand Paul defends Trump plan on Syria, backs similar pullout in Afghanistan; others in GOP remain skeptical

U.S. Sen. Rand Paul reiterated his support for President Trump’s decision last week to remove 2,000 American troops from Syria, appearing on Sunday talk shows to assert that the president had made the right move and was doing “exactly what he promised” voters when he campaigned in 2016.

{FD} Lindsey Graham says withdrawing troops from Afghanistan could pave way for ‘second 9/11’

Sen. Lindsey Graham offered a grim response to reports that President Trump is seriously considering a “significant drawdown” of U.S. troops stationed in Afghanistan, with the South Carolina lawmaker arguing that such a maneuver could make the U.S. vulnerable for “a second 9/11.”

{FD} Gen. Anthony Tata: Trump is perfectly within his authority to review case of Green Beret charged with murder

As Golsteyn goes before Army authorities once again, the military justice system should operate in broad daylight. It would be the height of irony to deny a combat veteran the constitutional rights that he so bravely fought for.

{FD} Family of young Lionel Messi fan forced to leave Afghanistan home over Taliban fighting

The young Lionel Messi fan who touched the hearts of millions when he was pictured wearing a makeshift soccer jersey with his favorite player’s name and number on it was forced to flee with his family from their home in Afghanistan due to the Taliban’s offensive in the region.