{FD} Three questions to ask yourself before practicing Lent this year

Wednesday is Ash Wednesday, which marks the beginning of Lent.ÂÂMillions of faithful around the world are observing this 40-day period of the Christian faith by Ãâ‚Å”giving something upÃâ‚ï Ãâ‚— luxuries like meat, sugar, or social media. Maybe your New Years Resolution has faded and you want to revive it during Lent. Or maybe youÃâ‚â„ve sensed this is a time of change in your life. You are ready for a new beginning, a season when your spirit can be renewed.ÂÂCould Lent be your opportunity?

{FD} Trump-Kim summit: Christian persecution in North Korea �˔worsening�℠as talks begin, group says

It’s hard to imagine how Christian persecution could get any worse in North Korea – where the belief in God is virtually outlawed and dictator Kim Jong Un is treated like a diety – but a watchdog group reports it is worsening as President Trump and Kim meet in Vietnam for their second summit aimed at denuclearization.ÂÂ

{FD} Asia Bibi’s whereabouts shrouded in secrecy over fears for her safety

Asia Bibi, 54, is technically a ”free woman ” having had her death sentence for blasphemy thrown out by the Pakistani court ” but she is far from safe enough to step foot in public, as religious extremists still call for her hanging.

{FD} Iraq officially declares Christmas Day a national holiday

Iraq’sCabinet formally declared Christmas to be a national holiday as the country’s Christians celebrated the birth of Jesus amid tight security more than a year after Baghdad declared victory over ISISwho sought to eradicate all who did not follow the group’s strict interpretation of Sunni Islam.