{FD} Trump’s visit to Pittsburgh’s Tree of Life Synagogue shows he is dedicated to fighting anti-Semitism

I’m sure that many Americans Jews felt, as I felt, that the visit by President Trump and members of his family to Pittsburgh was deeply heartening and an acknowledgment that the deadliest anti-Semitic attack in U.S. history cried out for the presence of our nation’s leader to show that hatred of Jews has no place in our country and is un-American.

{FD} UK’s left-wing Labour Party engulfed by anti-Semitism crisis

The British Labour Party, led by far-left leader Jeremy Corbyn, is engulfed in a raging anti-Semitism scandal dominating the headlines in the UK and threatening Corbyn’s hopes of being the country’s next prime minister.

{FD} Israel, Poland to hold talks in spat over Holocaust bill

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Sunday night that Israel and Poland have agreed to hold talks seeking to resolve the uproar over proposed Polish legislation that would outlaw blaming Poland for any crimes committed during the Holocaust.

{FD} Hanukkah’s real meaning Don’t just see the spiritual light, share it with the world

Even most Jews are unaware that the key to the observance of Hanukkah isn’t lighting the candles, playing with dreidels (spinning tops), eating latkes (potato pancakes), or giving gifts (in an imitation of Christmas).