{FD} UK leader sorry for Caribbean citizens immigration mix-up

British Prime Minister Theresa May has personally apologized for the treatment of long-term U.K. residents from the Caribbean who have been asked to prove their right to stay in the country or face deportation.

{FD} A look at the old leadership of Cuba

Some of the main figures in the Cuban establishment as the government prepares to usher in new leadership: ___ RAUL CASTRO He became acting president in 2006 when his brother Fidel Castro surprised the world and announced his retirement following emergency surgery.

{FD} US Halifax mall plotter admired Columbine, doc reveals

A Canadian prosecutor is recommending a sentence of 20 years for an American woman who pleaded guilty last year to conspiracy to commit murder in a plot that envisioned her and two online friends pulling out their guns at a Canadian mall.

{FD} Cyprus peace groups protest Syria airstrike at US embassy

Several hundred Cypriot, Palestinian and Syrian protesters waved Syrian flags and chanted anti-Western slogans in front of the U.S. Embassy in Cyprus on Monday to condemn the American-led airstrikes in Syria.