{FD} Harsh anti-Trump UN human rights report on US ‘extreme poverty’ cherry-picks data, assumptions, examination shows

A United Nations report on extreme poverty in the U.S., which has sparked strong denunciations from the Trump administration as being “inaccurate, inflammatory, and irresponsible,” is marred by carefully cherry-picked and suppressed data, unsourced negative assumptions about administration policies, and unsupported generalizations about allegedly regressive U.S. social and political policies, according to an examination of its source documents by Fox News.

{FD} Amid Christian complaints from Iraq, Pence promises quick relief action

Irked by delays in getting promised direct U.S. aid to desperate — and dwindling — communities of Christians and minority Yazidis in northern Iraq shattered by genocidal ISIS attacks, Vice President Pence has ordered USAID Administrator Mark Green to head personally to Iraq “in the coming weeks” and return with a plan to address any slowdown.

{FD} Months after Pence promise, Iraqi Christians say they are ‘worse off’

Seven months after Vice President Pence vowed to stop funding “ineffective” United Nations-led recovery efforts in northern Iraq and provide U.S. support directly to persecuted Christians and other minorities who suffered ISIS-directed genocide, and are now struggling to reclaim their homes, much of the promised additional U.S. support has not appeared.

{FD} Trump meeting with UN chief: Handshake or showdown?

When United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres meets with U.S. legislators and President Donald Trump this week, one of the big questions will be whether he can guarantee the sweeping U.N. reforms promised last year — as “absolutely essential” protection from the  anticipated hostility of the Trump Administration.

{FD} US warning at the UN: ‘The world must see justice done’ on Syria

As President Donald Trump on Monday warned he soon would be making “major decisions” to respond “forcefully” to murderous suspected chemical attacks against civilians in the rebel-held Syrian town of Douma, the stakes for the United Nations in the made-in-Syria crisis were just as high.

{FD} Cybersecurity fiasco: Interior Department computers trying to talk to Russia, inspectors say

Three years after Chinese hackers stole security clearance files and other sensitive personal information of some 22 million U.S. federal employees, cyber-defenses at the Department of Interior were still unable to detect “some of the most basic threats” inside Interior’s computer networks — including malware actively trying to make contact with Russia.

{FD} An American family trapped amid Assad’s brutal attacks

As the Assad regime continues to defy a Feb. 24 United Nations Security Council-mandated ceasefire in the Damascus suburbs known as eastern Ghouta, at least one American citizen and her family are huddled in a small basement in the enclave, terrified of the consequences of Assad’s further advance.