{FD} Deadly Syria attack shines spotlight on chemical weapons linked to Assad regime, ISIS-inspired terror groups

The Syrian government and its Iran and Russian backers continue to rebuff staunchly any responsibility for chemical attacks in the war-ravaged country — of which there allegedly have been more than 50 since the war began — including last weekend in the city of Douma.

{FD} Strikes against Syrian regime bolster locals’ hopes that U.S. will stay for long haul

A convoy of tanks rolled down a rubbled road outside the northern Syrian city of Manjib Saturday afternoon, just hours after news that the U.S and allied forces had struck a number of Syrian regime facilities in and around the capital of Damascus.

{FD} Jailed American pastor in Turkey finally getting his day in court

ANKARA, Turkey – A pastor from North Carolina imprisoned in Turkey on what many view as trumped-up terrorism charges finally gets his day in court on Monday, in the most high-profile of several cases involving American citizens swept up by Turkish police since a failed 2016 coup attempt.

{FD} Syrians circulate “we love you” Trump memes, hope for U.S. intervention

As President Donald Trump tweets his intentions to strike in Syria following Saturday’s suspected chemical weapons attacks, supporters of the Syrian opposition are waiting with baited breath, enthusiastically circulating pro-Trump memes in a bid to whip up support for U.S. action.

{FD} Debate over Bernie Sanders’ bid to end U.S. role in Yemen, already the world’s worst humanitarian crisis

While much of the international community’s attention has been focused in recent years on the civil war that has torn Syria apart, global leaders are desperately drawing attention to the ongoing Yemen conflict – positioning it as now the worst humanitarian plight on the planet.