Proof That Most Medical Doctors Are Mentally Ill

One proof that most medical doctors are mentally ill is the fact that they do not protect a person’s dignity; specifically, they don’t care if you are unclothed in public. One way they show that they don’t care is the insane split-back gowns they give patients. These gowns must have been designed by a sex pervert. We hope that all of these doctors drop dead. For more information about these mentally ill doctors see Dirtbag Doctors.

Proof That Democrats Are Mentally Ill

Here are just a few proofs that Democrats are mentally ill:

  1. Democrats believe in killing unborn babies.
  2. Democrats believe that they can spend any amount of money without regard for future consequences.
  3. Democrats believe you don’t need a job.
  4. Democrats believe that boys are girls and girls are boys.
  5. Democrats believe men should share bathrooms with our daughters.
  6. Democrats believe you can defend yourself with your fists against a man with a machine gun.
  7. Democrats believe criminals won’t break into our homes if we don’t have guns.
  8. Democrats believe that MS-13 gang members are normal people.
  9. Democrats hate your church.
  10. Democrats hate God.

Proof That APA Psychiatrists Are Mentally Ill

First, “APA” stands for “American Psychiatric Association.” Second, APA psychiatrists say that the human mind is nothing more than tissue and blood vessels. What utter stupidity! Here is one proof of the utter stupidity:

  1. An electron (a particle of electricity) passes from one neuron (brain cell) across a synapse (a bridge between two brain cells) to another neuron (brain cell).
  2. In one person, the moved electron produces memory of a birthday party.
  3. In another person, the moved electron produces memory of a baseball game.
  4. In a third person, the moved electron produces memory of a wedding.
  5. Now, here is the key point:

All three people have the same electrons, the same brain cells, and the same synapses. In other words, all of the physical structures are identical.

Also, over 100,000 experiments have been performed to confirm the above. And the confirmation involved, in each experiment, the examination of multiple brain cells over a thousand times under a BEM (BNI-Electron Microscope [Biological Noninvasive Electron Microscope]). In plain English, an average of over half a billion tests were performed. The irrefutable conclusion is that:

There are no physical differences that account for the different memories.

This means:

There is something at work that produces the difference in memories that is NOT physical.

In spite of the massive amount of scientific data and proof:

APA psychiatrists INSANELY refuse the inevitable conclusion that the mind involves something that is NOT physical.

Proof That Bisexuals Are Mentally Ill Perverts

First, all genetic scientists agree that Gays, lesbians, bisexuals, and transgenders are not caused by genetics (genes). Second, there are no CSGs (Cyclical Sexual Genes). The word “cyclical” means “alternating.” In other words, when it comes to sexual behavior, there are no genes that cause a person to alternate in their sexual behavior. In the case of bisexuals, this means that there are no genes that cause a person to go from sleeping with a man to sleeping with a woman to sleeping with a man to sleeping with a woman, etc., etc. This proves that bisexuals are mentally ill. Proof that bisexuals are also perverts is abundantly provided by common sense, common conscience, the Bible and other means.