Why The Mueller Team Should Be Arrested And Imprisoned For Life

Here is why the Mueller team should be arrested and receive life sentences:

  1. The Mueller team obtained an illegal warrant to begin their investigation.
  2. The Mueller team leaked thousands of pieces of information.
  3. The Mueller team persecuted over one hundred innocent people.
  4. The Mueller team lies.
  5. The Mueller team cheats.
  6. The Mueller team is deliberately incompetent.
  7. The Mueller team has broken over 1,000 federal laws.
  8. The Mueller team has broken over 10,000 states’ laws.
  9. The Mueller team has violated the Constitution over 100 times.
  10. The Mueller team has expressed bias in speech and action.
  11. The Mueller team is racist (hates Blacks, Whites, and Hispanics).
  12. The Mueller team is misogynistic (hates women).
  13. The Mueller team supports sex perverts.
  14. There are 100 more reasons why the Mueller team should be arrested and receive life sentences.

Finally, with all the corruption and deceit of the Mueller team, whatever its final report is, if it goes against President Trump even one iota, that final report will not be worth the paper it is written on.

Why Robert Mueller’s Team Is A Traitor To The American People And To America

Here is one reason why Robert Mueller’s team is a traitor to the American people and to America:

The job of Robert Mueller’s team is to find out whether there is evidence that President Trump colluded with (cooperated with in order to do harm) Russia. They have completed that task and found no evidence of collusion. Now, however, they are investigating other things and these are things they have no moral right to investigate. May the Mueller team rot in hell!