Is It True That 99% of Rapes Are Committed by Muslims?

Yes, Muslims commit 99% of rapes. Muslims also commit 99% of murders and 100% of acid face attacks against women (see below for one of 7,000,000 examples of acid face attacks from our CHA [Current History Archives]). For more photos of this type of Muslim bestiality see Muslim Horrors.

Muslim Acid Disfigurement

Saira Liaqat, 26, holds a portrait of herself before being burned with acid. When she was fifteen, Saira was married to a relative who would later attack her with acid after insistently demanding her to live with him, although the families had agreed she wouldn’t join him until she finished school. Saira has undergone plastic surgery 9 times.

Why All Muslims Are Terrorists

Before we begin, we want you to know that we do not want you to go out killing Muslims. Also, out of the over one billion (1,000,000,000+) Muslims, we know of around 10 who speak out against Muslim terrorists. In addition, we know of around 100 Muslims who put on a feeble show of opposing Muslim terrorists.

Now, why are all Muslims terrorists, apart from what we said above? First 10% of Muslims are actively engaging in acts of terror. Second, the other 90% are passively sitting back, not opposing Muslim terrorists, not speaking out against Muslim terrorists. Their inaction is an implicit support of the Muslim terrorists, which makes those who do not act Muslim terrorists too.