How To Live 20 Years Longer: Article 1: Salt

Flavor is provided by seasonings, extracted/unextracted (salt, pepper, cinnamon, thyme, etc., etc.). Something that few people know is that a tiny amount of seasoning tastes the same as a large amount of seasoning. In the case of salt, 1 pinch (1 microgram) of salt tastes the same as 2 pinches of salt. 2 pinches of salt tastes the same as 3 pinches of salt. 3 pinches, 4 pinches. 4 pinches, 5 pinches. 5 pinches, etc., etc. In fact, 1 pinch tastes the same as 1000 pinches.

Why is this important?

You can get the same taste and enjoyment from a small amount of salt (or any other seasoning) as you can from a large amount of salt (or any other seasoning).

What is important about eating a small amount of salt? Salt raises blood pressure. “Raised” (higher) blood pressure makes the heart work harder. After many years, the harder working of the heart may be followed by heart problems. Here is the key point:

Eat enough salt for enjoyment while at the same time as little salt as possible and you will live 20 years longer than you otherwise would have lived.


Salt is made of two things. One of them is sodium. It is the sodium in salt that is the cause of any problems. Salt is 40% sodium. Food labels will tell you how much sodium food contains.