America’s Stupid Governor: Jerry Brown

Jerry Brown, governor of California, is America’s stupid governor. Here are Jerry’s accomplishments:

  1. Raised taxes.
  2. Helped the rich to pay less taxes.
  3. Reduced public services.
  4. Allowed forests to go unprotected then burn to the ground.
  5. Burned 10,338 homes to the ground.
  6. Burned 7,303 businesses to the ground.
  7. Released 2,339 murderers.
  8. Released 3,222 rapists.
  9. Increased California’s murder rate.
  10. Increased California’s rape rate.
  11. Increased poverty in California.
  12. Increased drug use in California.
  13. Increased public urination.
  14. Increased public defecation.
  15. Released 1,223 pedophiles.
  16. Increased pedophile attacks.
  17. Increased the murder rate of Blacks.
  18. Increased the murder rate of Hispanics.
  19. Increased the number of high school dropouts.
  20. Increased the number of college dropouts.
  21. Increased the unemployment rate.
  22. Increased home invasions.
  23. Took away 55,000 guns from 53,111 people.
  24. Helped to increase the National Debt by 10 trillion dollars ($10,000.000,000,000).
  25. Caused Americans in other states to pay more federal taxes than Americans in California.
  26. Sponged off the rest of the country to the tune of 700 billion dollars ($700,000,000,000).
  27. Increased the number of grade school and high school students failing from 4,668 to 23,255.
  28. Increased the number of drug addicts from 11,000 to 132,776.
  29. Decreased the number of jobs from 34,230,000 to 23,000,001.
  30. Killed 157 species of animals.
  31. Killed 210 species of plants.

More Proof Kavanaugh’s Accuser Is A Liar

Here is more proof that Kavanaugh’s accuser, Christine Ford, is a liar. She admits that she was drunk during her alleged attack. Psychiatrists tell us that all of one’s physical senses are damaged if they are drunk; especially, one’s hearing, which becomes only 25% reliable, and one’s vision, which becomes only 20% reliable. Psychiatrists also tell us that a drunk person suffers from hallucinations and pseudo-recognition (for example, taking one person to be another). Thus, any memories Christine Ford has of her attacker are totally unreliable. Now, Christine Ford knows all of these things, being a psychologist. Therefore, her assertions that her memories are reliable can only be a lie. Therefore, Christine Ford is a liar.