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What We’re FollowingBuckets of rain: Hurricane Florence is shaping up to be a triple threat for the eastern Carolinas. Storm surges, high winds, and possibly 25 inches of rainfall prompted evacuation orders along the coast, with North Carolina expected to bear the brunt. The state’s poor, rural communities are even more vulnerable in the face of this potentially catastrophic storm. North Carolina’s eastern third is also its most impoverished. (Data: Census. Map: David Montgomery/CityLab)Small towns may face some of the worst damage due to a lack of resources and insufficient communications infrastructure, especially in low-lying coastal areas. As CityLab’s Laura Bliss reports, the real measure of resilience will come as environmental and economic impacts linger after the storm. As one climate researcher tells Laura:The true test of our disaster response doesn’t just lie in how quickly the lights come back on or flights are restored in major economic hubs, but in how well isolated or marginalized communities fare in the aftermath of storms.Read: As Hurricane Florence Approaches, Rural Communities Brace for Impact—Andrew SmallMore on CityLabDon’t Overlook Equity Issues in City Climate-Action Plans Cities that fail to make issues of equity and empowerment central to climate-action initiatives are not living up to the values of the movement, says a former mayor of Portland, Oregon.Sam AdamsCalifornia Commits to 100% Clean Energy by 2045 The bill signed by Governor Jerry Brown makes California the second state, after Hawaii, to make the pledge.Lydia O’ConnorWhy Cynthia Nixon Can’t Have the Bagel She Wants The unspoken rules of local food are a recurring nightmare for politicians.Sarah HolderFrance’s High-Speed Rail Expansion Takes a New Direction A major new investment makes clear: It’s not all about Paris anymore.Feargus O’SullivanDriving for Uber When You Can’t Afford a Car In South Africa, extreme inequality means that drivers have a much more difficult time turning a profit with the ride-share service.Kimon de GreefWhat We’re ReadingSubway policing in New York City still has a race problem (The Marshall Project)The house that came in the mail (99 Percent Invisible)Single-family homes cover almost half of Los Angeles—here’s how that happened (Curbed Los Angeles)Waze is using beacons to help drivers navigate GPS dead zones in Chicago (Wired)The epicenter of the housing bust is booming again. That’s a warning sign. (New York Times)Tell your friends about the CityLab Daily! Forward this newsletter to someone who loves cities and encourage them to subscribe. Send your own comments, feedback, and tips to hello@citylab.com.