{FD} Libs Claim State Department Has “Racist” Hiring Practices, But The Data Suggests Otherwise

(TeaParty.org) – It’s becoming yawn-worthy to hear the left label Trump a “racist”, but that doesn’t stop them from doing so relentlessly.

One of the charges against his administration is that the State Department has become a “pale male club” under his and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s leadership, a fact that these same leftists fail to actually quantify.

This may be due to the fact that the current State Department is, in reality, one of the most diverse in history.

Last month, Politico published an article entitled “Trump Is Making American Diplomacy White Again” which made the same claim.

Author Uzreya Zeya suggested that Trump’s State Department routinely excludes minorities because POTUS refuses to “champion those who don’t resemble him,” implying he is, of course, racist.

“No one should harbor illusions, however, that a president who relies on ‘central casting’ to make hiring decisions and routinely disparages African-Americans, Muslims, women and immigrants would champion those who don’t resemble him,” wrote Zeya who served in the State Department as charge d’affaires and deputy chief of mission and now works with liberal think tank, the Center for American Progress.

Her assertions about Trump’s State Department are not supported by data.

In reality, as the Washington Free Beacon reports, 22 percent of all Foreign Service Officer hires were African-American in 2017, a 9.6 increase from the previous year when–you guessed it–Obama was still in office.

Additionally, 11.4 percent of FSO hires were Hispanic, an increase of 8.8 percent from the previous year as well.

The number of women hired also increased from 43.9 percent to 47.7 percent.

Heather Nauert, State Department spokeswoman, responded to the accusations of a lack of diversity in the State Department in a series of tweets.

“The assertion that (the State Department) is ‘racist’ is disgusting and false—a brazen attempt to create division for domestic political gain. State is among the most diverse of government agencies, employing a workforce from every part of America and every region of the globe,” she wrote.

She added that State “hires and empowers those who represent diversity of race, color, religion, sex, gender identity, national origin, age, disability, genetic information, sexual orientation and opinion to advance US Foreign Policy.”

The data on hiring confirms what Nauert is saying. But numbers aren’t everything, senior policy adviser to Pompeo and director of policy planning Kiron Skinner explains:

“Numbers do matter. But no matter what the political climate is like and the divisions in Washington and the rhetoric and noise, people of all stripes are selected into the diplomatic corps in the United States and the State Department is the place to be,” Skinner told the Free Beacon.

Intersectional points shouldn’t matter when it comes to the hiring practices of any government agency, but even to those who claim it should, they can’t even demonstrate the State Department is lacking diversity.

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