{FD} The Russia Government Has The Gun Laws Dems Dream Of…Didn’t Prevent School Shooting With 89 Casualties

(TeaParty.org) – You’ve heard it over and over and over: if only we had strict gun laws like other nations, we’d just stop having all these school shootings.

The Russian-controlled Crimea may beg to differ this week, as Russian gun laws did not prevent a ghastly attack killing 21 and leaving 68 injured after an 18-year-old attacked his school.

And no, the assault was not carried out by an “assault weapon”, the Dems’ scapegoat for all gun violence.

The student used a shotgun and homemade bombs before taking his own life after the assault on his school in Kerch, on the eastern end of the Crimean Peninsula.

“Vladislav Roslyakov, 18, stalked his college halls with a shotgun and let off homemade explosives before killing himself in the school library at Kerch Polytechnic College,” The Daily Mail reports.

“Harrowing footage has emerged of pupils running for their lives as the gunman opened fire. Terrified students could be heard screaming amid blasts from a shotgun in videos captured during the rampage yesterday,” the report explained.

Not only is it unlikely gun laws could have prevented this gruesome attack, but there’s a good chance already existing gun laws left citizens completely helpless.

“The shooter, who is thought to have obtained shotguns and rifles with a hunting licence for which he passed a psychological assessment, also set off a homemade nail-bomb in the canteen which blew out the windows,” The Mail explains.

Russia’s gun laws are significantly more restrictive than America’s, according to the U.S. Library of Congress.

“Russian legislation on gun control is relatively strict, limiting the circulation of firearms to Russian citizens older than eighteen years of age with a registered permanent residence, and for the purposes of self-defense, hunting, and sports activities only,” the LOC explains.

Owning a weapon as simple as a long deer rifle can only happen if one meets strict requirements.

“The acquisition of guns is based on licenses provided for a five-year period by local police departments at one’s place of residence after a thorough background check, including a review of the petitioner’s ability to store guns safely and an evaluation of his/her medical records,” the Library of Congress continues.

“Mentally ill people and those who have been treated for substance abuse are not allowed to possess firearms.”

These gun laws read like a David Hogg tweet.

And yet they were ineffective in stopping this shooting.

The Daily Mail, as well as several other outlets including Russian-language Komsomolskaya Pravda confirmed that the shooter in this case passed all the necessary requirements to obtain the weapon he would turn on his classmates.

While friends of the assailant speculate that he may have been upset after a difficult breakup with his girlfriend, Crimean authorities are also looking into whether he may have been recruited by the Islamic state.

Russian President Vladimir Putin, speaking in the Russian city of Sochi, offered that “Young people with unstable minds create false heroes for themselves,” according to Reuters.

“This means that we all, not just Russia, but we across the world are reacting badly to changing conditions in the world. We are not creating necessary, interesting and useful content for young people,” he continued.

Putin’s nation may have gun laws to lull a Democrat to sleep with, but even he knows better than to blame the guns.

Russian papers have been dominated by the horrific event, the BBC reports:

This tragic assault, as Russian papers seem to realize, stands as a reminder of the horrors of the human minds, and that gruesome acts of violence are far from “an American problem.”

“This type of mass violence does not happen in other advanced countries,” then-President Obama tried to claim in 2015.

“It doesn’t happen in other places with this kind of frequency,” he added, walking back slightly. Regardless of this clarification, PolitiFact had to label this claim “Mostly Wrong.”

PolitiFact researchers found several examples of mass shootings worldwide, including the European nations Democrats typically look to as a model for US gun control.

“Obama is wrong to say that ‘this type of mass violence does not happen in other advanced countries,’” they explained. “Clearly it does happen elsewhere, and not in trivial numbers. Seven of the countries saw double-digit numbers of people killed in mass shootings during that period.”

Sadly, we can now add Russia to this list of examples. As the BBC recently reported, at least five schools in Russia have experienced attacks in which children were injured in 2018 alone.

Putin is certainly not the first to suggest that the fraught mental state of many young men is an issue society must address if we wish to curb these types of attacks, and he is absolutely correct.

The issue may be complext, but one thing is simple and clear: gun laws aren’t stopping school shootings, not here or anywhere.

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