California Governor Jerry Brown, Democrats, And Environmentalists Allowed California Fires

California Governor Jerry Brown, Democrats, and environmentalists prevented laws from being passed that would have created burn barriers around all of the state’s forests. Why? They didn’t want to kill a beetle or a frog. What insanity! Californians need to wake up, wise up, and vote Jerry Brown and the Democrats out of office and kick all of the environmentalists out of their state.

Proofs That Environmentalists Are Mass Murderers

Here are proofs that environmentalists are mass murderers:

Environmentalists protected 17,000 animals that are food supplies for 2 billion people worldwide. As a result:

  1. 1,000 Mexicans starved to death.
  2. 633 Central Americans starved to death.
  3. 23,000 South Americans starved to death.
  4. 2,000 Europeans starved to death.
  5. 783,000 Asians, which includes Russians, starved to death.
  6. 1,261,000 Africans starved to death.
  7. 3,000 Australians starved to death.