Did Muhammad Write The Koran?

First, do we even have the Koran that was written centuries ago?  No, what we have is 347 ancient manuscripts that disagree with each other 97%.  The modern Koran is simply pieces of each of these 347 manuscripts that have been pasted together.

Now, who wrote these 347 ancient manuscripts?  These manuscripts were written by 691 different people, not by Muhammad.  There is no evidence that Muhammad wrote the Koran or any part of the Koran.  In fact, there is no evidence that Muhammad wrote anything. Now, worse than all of that, there is no proof that Muhammad ever existed. Islam is based on a lie, an imaginary book written by an imaginary person named “Muhammad.”

The Muslims’ Fake “Holy Book” Called the “Koran” (Also Spelled “Quran”)

From around 610 A.D. to around 630 A.D., Muhammad stole passages from the Bible and added his insane imaginations to create the Koran.  Also, the first half of the Koran says “hate no one” and the second half of the Koran says “hate everyone.”  This has resulted in “schizophrenia” throughout the Muslim community and explains why insanity is more common among Muslims than non-Muslims.